Where does CBD come from and what are its benefits to your pets?

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Introduction to CBD for your cats

Products that were based on CBD have become wildly popular recently. People can’t seem to get enough of it. And not only for their personal use, lots of CBD products are marketed as food supplements for pets as well. But is it really beneficial for your pets? What kind of benefits can you expect from it?

And what about its origin? Where does CBD actually come from? Is it just another chemically synthesized product that was developed in a lab? These are important matters that you should know before you buy CBD for yourself or your pets. Read on to find out the answers to your burning questions. We take a quick look at the benefits of cbd for your cat and other pets. Find out a bit of its history while you learn about its uses.

Where does CBD come from?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound that was found within a plant called cannabis. This is one of the main compounds inside cannabis. The other one is called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). There are other cannabinoid compounds in cannabis, but these two are the ones that are responsible for the unique effect of cannabis.

By extracting the CBD out of the cannabis, scientists manage to harvest the beneficial CBD while leaving the psychoactive compound like THC behind. But when it comes to the manufacturing process, most companies don’t actually get the CBD from cannabis.

They use a subclass plant of cannabis called hemp. The reason why the manufacturers choose to do this is because hemp naturally contains more CBD and less THC than cannabis. That means more CBD can be extracted from 1 pound of hemp than 1 pound of cannabis.

The result of this extraction is CBD oil, or also called hemp oil. With further processing, this oil could also be turned into various products, such as CBD edibles, vapors, cream, and many more. The effect and benefits that you’d get through these products is relatively the same, it’s just a matter of preferences.

One of the more interesting things I have found out is that not all CBD comes from marijuana related plants. In fact, plants that we look at as healthy have been shown to have chemicals that are very similar. These include black pepper, black truffles, and Echinacea. It is really surprising to find out that these plants that have been looked at as healthy for years actually have cannabinoid chemicals in them.

What are the benefits of CBD to your pets?

As an anti-anxiety. Due to its ability to temporarily affect the brain and make you feel calm and relaxed, CBD is the perfect anti-anxiety solution. Several drops of CBD and your pets would feel calm and composed.

To reduce physical pain. If your pets have any open wounds or any other type of illness that makes them experience pain, CBD could help significantly reduce that pain and calm them down at the same time.

Treating epilepsy. Another illness that CBD can help treat is epilepsy. But not only limited to epilepsy, research has found that CBD is effective against other types of seizures as well.

Treating arthritis. Due to its natural anti-inflammatory property, CBD works great in treating arthritis and any other kind of joint problems, such as sprained ankles, bumps, and many more. This is why many people choose CBD for their cats arthritis .

Healthier fur. One of the interesting effects of CBD when you give it to your pets is regarding their fur. Upon regular usage, your pets will have a much healthier, stronger, thicker, and smoother fur.


CBD is an organic compound that could be found inside cannabis and its subclass species called hemp. By extracting this compound from hemp, manufacturers manage to create CBD oil and other products based on it. And it has been proven by both experts and experienced users alike that CBD oil could bring numerous benefits to you and your pets.

From helping with anxiety to help with the treatment of epilepsy, CBD can improve the overall life quality of your pets. That being said, you should still talk to your trusted vets before you decide to give CBD to your pets. That way, you would know what kind of CBD you should get and the proper dosage needed by your pets.

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