What to look for in cat hemp treats

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Introduction to hemp treats for cats

Considering its massive popularity, most cat owners should be familiar with hemp oil by now. It can tackle so many different ailments and improve their overall health as well. There really is no reason why you shouldn’t give hemp oil to your cats. Unless of course your cat is highly sensitive to hemp. 

That being said, not every cat likes hemp oil. Whether due to the taste or for any other reason, they are just somehow very adamant to it. And the cats will heavily resist you if you try to give it to them. Which can result in a dangerous situation. Hemp oil is usually administered orally through a dropper made out of glass. So if a cat feels agitated when you try to give them hemp oil, you’d risk injury to their mouth.

In that case, you should look into an alternative to hemp oil. There are numerous other products based on hemp out there. One of the best options that your cat might like is hemp treats. This article will tell you all you need to know about hemp treats. Before you go on to the rest of our article, if you are worried at all about CBD for cats of Hemp for cats we have link to a full research article about the safety of CBD on Cats and dogs.

Benefits of hemp treats for cats

  • Health benefits from hemp. The most obvious benefits that your cats can get out of hemp treats comes from the hemp itself. It can act as an anti-anxiety solution, it can treat seizures, it can improve the quality of the fur, etc. Your cats will enjoy all of those benefits whenever they consume the hemp treats. 
  • Perfect for picky eaters. Some cats have favorite foods and refuse to eat anything other than that. Even if it is good for them. These kinds of cats are usually the one who are very adamant when it comes to hemp oil. Hemp treats have the taste and texture of regular treats but also loaded with the health benefits of hemp oil. This makes hemp treats the perfect snacks for cats who are picky eaters.
  • Full of essential nutrients. We’ve touched on the nutrients in the hemp treats in the previous point. Let’s explore it a bit further here. High quality hemp treats have proteins, omega 3, vitamins, fibers, essential fatty acids, and many more. Not only that, just like any other foods, hemp treats are very fulfilling as well.
  • Different flavor options. Similar to regular cat treats, hemp treats also come in different flavors. You can easily find one that tastes like bacon, chicken, and even seafood. And different brands will offer different flavors as well. That way, your cat will enjoy eating the treats and reap its health benefits at the same time.

Can you make your own hemp treats?

Hemp treats are just cat treats with hemp oil inside it. So yes, you can certainly make your own hemp treats for your cats. You can either make one from scratch or you can turn regular cat treats into hemp treats. As you might expect, there are pros and cons by going through this route. 

Pros of making your own hemp treats

Let’s talk about the pros first. The most obvious one is it enables you to decide what goes into your cat’s diet. You can also use your cat’s favorite treats as the base for the hemp treats. Just give a couple drops of hemp oil inside them and you’re good to go. 

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Cons of making your own hemp treats

The cons, however, are in the measurement. You see, a high quality hemp treat has to go through rigorous research and development first. All to decide the best combination of ingredients and the precise dose of hemp oil in every piece of treats. That’s why you’d get balanced nutrients and a precise dose of hemp oil in premade hemp treats. But all of that will be nearly impossible to achieve if you decide to create the treats yourself. 

Another thing that is a bit of a drawback is that it is very hard to make treats all with the same dosage. Imagine making chocolate chip cookies and needing every cookie to have the same amount of chocolate chips. It wouldn’t be fun, so think about a hemp seed which is a lot smaller than a chip. The final reason is that it is just a lot easier to get a consistent and researched product by purchasing pre packaged treats.

What to look for in hemp treats for cats?

If you decide to get premade hemp treats for your cats, then there are things that you should look for. These things are the key difference between high quality hemp treats and mediocre ones. 

  • List of ingredients. There are a lot of different ingredients that go into creating a high quality hemp treat. From making the treats itself to the composition of the hemp oil, each brand differs from the next. So make sure to get one that has cover all of the essential nutrients and has a great blend of hemp.
  • Brand reputation. You may find a brand that claims to put great ingredients into their products, but that alone is not enough. It is always good to research brands before hand in most aspects of life. Always try to only buy from a reputable brand with a long history of creating quality hemp products. That way, it is highly likely that the claim that they make is true. 
  • External publication. One of the hallmarks of a reputable brand is a mention by external publication. If the product is great, somebody will certainly talk about it on the internet. It can be in the form of a review from a reputable publication. Or it can also be through a mention from certain public figures or influencers.
  • Customer reviews. Another indication of a great product from a great brand is through their own customer’s reviews. These are the places where you can hear the voice of those who actually use the products. The more of this type of reviews that you can read, the better you’d understand the products. 

Conclusion to hemp treats for cats

Hemp treats are a perfect replacement for your cats if they don’t like hemp oil. Hemp treats combine the nutrients within the treats and the health benefits from the hemp in one tasty product. You can make one yourself, but getting a high quality premade hemp treat is always preferable. At the end of the day hemp can act similar to cbd for cats , as it is very similar ( if not the same in some arguments). CBD can come from hemp, so if you are looking to get some of the same affects try out hemp treats for your furry little friend.

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