What is a cannabimimetic and what can it do for cats?

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More and more people use CBD everyday, so most of the terms related to it have become parts of our daily vocabulary. Words like Cannabinoids, Endocannabinoid system, cannabidiol, and many others have become quite familiar to most people who use CBD.

But just when we finally get used to hearing and saying those words on a daily basis, a new term appears, which is Cannabimimetic. And this is not just a random word who happens to have a similar sound to all of the previous terms.

Cannabimimetic is actually a very important term to the world of CBD. As a matter of fact, this could be a part of how people use and interact with CBD in the future. So what does cannabimimetic actually mean? And what kind of benefits can it offer to your cats? Find out more in this article.

What is a cannabimimetic?

Cannabimimetics are compounds that could behave like cannabinoids and even offer similar benefits to cannabinoids, without actually having anything to do with cannabis or any of its subclass plants. With cannabimimetics, you can enjoy all of the great benefits of CBD without ever touching the real CBD.

The development of cannabimimetics itself started out as a potential alternative to the CBD and other types of cannabinoids. Because various researchers have found that certain effects and benefits are not actually exclusive to cannabinoids.

There are apparently other compounds that share similar attributes to those of the cannabinoids. Plants such as rosemary, thyme, cacao, coneflower, black pepper, and many more have cannabimimetics within them. Unfortunately, the cannabimimetics inside those plants are actually quite limited. So further research is clearly needed in order to take full advantage of those compounds.

What can cannabimimetic do for cats?

The effects that cannabimimetics would give to your cat is quite similar to those of cannabinoids. So you can expect a wide range of benefits that covers quite a lot of different parts of your cat’s body. From the brain, to the limbs, and even to the muscle and the skin.

For the brain, you can expect cannabimimetics to reduce nausea to your cat, especially during car rides. It could also improve the mood of your cat and provide mental clarity. And similar to CBD, cannabimimetics could also help in reducing pain and calming your cat down.

For the body, cannabimimetics has the ability to boost the immune system and increase the energy of your cat. Consuming cannabimimetics could also give a better metabolism and digestion. Other than that, you would also notice an improvement in skin health and an increase in their appetite.

Cannabimimetic vs cannabinoids

Since both cannabimimetics and cannabinoids offer roughly the same health benefits to your cat, you might be asking which one should you choose? Is one truly better than the others or is it really a matter of preference?

Well, the answer is a lot more nuanced than a simple choice between the former or the latter. You see, the main disadvantage of CBD is its limited supply. Growing hemp is not easy and there’s a lot of legal requirements needed if you want to use and sell it. Even if it is only for medical purposes. That is what ultimately drives up the price.

So both cannabinoids and cannabimimetics have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. As for which one you should give to your cats, either one is fine. You should purchase the one that you can access more easily.

Due to its nature as a relatively newly found compound, there’s not many products based on cannabimimetics that you can readily find in the market. But there is a brand that has already added cannabimimetics into their line up of products. They are called Furbabies.

Furbabies is a company that focuses on delivering various health and supplements products that are based on CBD for your pets. They have numerous options of CBDs available for dogs, cats, and even horses. They are based in Canada and are known as a CBD company with one of the best products and customer service in the country.

Noticing the change in the industry, Furbabies recently began to add cannabimimetics into their multiple line of products. So you can easily find cannabimimetics-based oral drops and treats for your cats on their official website.


Cannabimimetics are compounds that could give the same benefits as the cannabinoids without actually having anything to do with cannabis or hemp. That’s why this compound is a proper alternative to CBD.

There are a lot of health benefits that you can get out of cannabimimetics. And since CBD has a lot of similarities to cannabimimetics, either one of them would work great on your cat.

Unfortunately, there are still limited options when it comes to the commercially available products in the market. But one of the best brands that already have cannabimimetics on their line up is Furbabies. Be sure to visit their official website to see their products selection. We love this product to help with our anxious pug, and it can also be used for cats.

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