What does cbd oil do for cats?

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Introduction to CBDs effects on cats

Ever since the US government has officially legalized the use of CBD for medicinal purposes in 2021, there has been a surge not only on the production of CBD, but on the consumption as well. Lots of people seem to create products based on CBD and even more people are excited to try them out.

Due to the nature of CBD and its connection to the endocannabinoid system that exists within both humans and animals, most CBD products can be used by both humans and animals. But that doesn’t mean you can simply give your CBD oil to your cat.

There are important details that you should know before you do such a thing. This article will talk about all of the things that you need to know in regards to CBD for cats. From what it actually does, to the risk of using CBD oil for cats, and whether or not you can give your CBD to your cats.

What does CBD oil do for cats?

As mentioned above, CBD works in a relatively the same way for both humans and animals. As such, you can also expect relatively the same health benefits. That being said, there are some benefits that are more noticeable in cats.

The first major thing that CBD can do for your cats is to help deal with their anxiety. One of the unique properties of CBD is its ability to induce a rapid sense of calmness and relaxation. A few drops of CBD oil should be able to turn your cat from a state of anxiety and agitation to calm and collected.

For more serious issues, CBD can also help your cat with its epilepsy treatment. The FDA has approved and recommended the use of CBD as an effective way to treat epilepsy and other forms of seizures as well. A regular use of CBD should be able to keep the epilepsy under control.

The next thing that CBD can do is to suppress pain cats can feel. CBD can affect the pain management part of your cat’s brain and act as some sort of pain killer. Another great property that CBD possesses is the anti-inflammatory properties. This makes CBD oil an effective treatment for joints, muscles, and skin problems, such as arthritis, sprained ankle, redness, and many more.

What are the risk of using CBD oil for cats?

In its purest form, CBD is relatively harmless to both humans and animals. It can present numerous health benefits for you and your cat with little to no risk involved. You can use as much CBD as you like, and there won’t be any adverse effects on your cat’s health.

But there is an important detail to that statement. As mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph, such a thing only applies when you give your cat a pure CBD. If there’s any THC mixed in with the CBD, then the risk will increase many fold.

Because while CBD is safe for your cat to consume however you want to give it, THC is a different story. Animals are more sensitive to THC than humans. Their level of tolerance to the psychoactive compound is low. Any exposure of more than 0.3% THC could lead to a THC poisoning for your cat.

Can your cats use your CBD oil?

Since CBD works in mostly the same way both to animals and humans, does it mean you can freely give your CBD oil to your cat? The answer depends on what type of CBD oil that you use. If it’s either broad spectrum CBD or isolate CBD that has no THC within it, then giving it to your cat should be fine.

But if you use a full spectrum CBD, that contains 0.3% THC or less inside, then you should not give it to your cat. Your body can take advantage of such a high level of potency, but the same cannot be said about your cats. So don’t give your cats any full spectrum CBD unless you get a specific instruction from your trusted vet to do so.

There are a wide variety of different products on the market now that can all help. Some come in the form of oils, while some come in the form of cbd cat treats. If you are just starting out it is best to buy as little as possible, as sometimes cats can be picky about what they will and won’t take.


The previous sections briefly mention CBD that is mixed with THC and different types of CBD potency. In general, CBD could be divided into three categories based on its potency. Full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, and isolate CBD.

Though CBD oil can give numerous health benefits to your cats, you should take extra precaution when it comes to the type of CBD that you wish to give to your cats. Only give full spectrum CBD if your vets told you so. Otherwise, the broad spectrum or the isolate CBD should be sufficient. That’s why it’s always better if you consult your trusted vets before you give CBD to your cats.

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