What does CBD do in a cats body?

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Introduction to CBDs effects in a cats body

CBD is one of the active compounds that could be found within cannabis and all of its subclass plants, especially hemp. Ever since the method to safely and reliably extract CBD was discovered in the late 1940s, and the medical use of CBD has been officially legalized by the US government in 2021, we see the rise of CBD-based products in the market.

Since then, lots of manufacturers have tried to flood the market with so many products based on CBD and there’s always a great demand for those products. As to the reason why, it is simply because CBD can offer lots of health benefits. Not only to humans, but to animals as well.

But before you decide to jump into the CBD bandwagon and buy one for your cats, it would be better if you know how CBD works on your cats first. That way, you’d know whether or not CBD is the right solution for your cats.

How does CBD work in cats?

CBD is the type of compound that could influence the brain. That’s why when consumed, CBD will spread through the nervous system and exert its influence to both the brain and the body. The reason why CBD can do such a thing is because of something called the endocannabinoid system.

Endocannabinoid system is a neural network that appears all over the body. This system has countless receptors called Endocannabinoid receptors. And that is the part that would connect to the CBD. The endocannabinoid system and its countless receptors exist both inside of humans and animals.

When consumed, CBD would contact the endocannabinoid receptors and gain the ability to influence various parts of the body, particularly the nervous system. And that is why CBD could present such a wide variety of benefits for you and your cats. This is why we often see people using CBD for cats with arthritis. It not only reduces inflammation but reduces the pain that they feel.

The benefits of CBD for cat


● One of the unmistakable effects of CBD is its ability to induce a rapid feeling of calm and relaxation. This particular effect is what makes CBD a great solution for anxiety and panic attack. Several drops of CBD will be able to calm your cats down in a matter of minutes.


The fact that CBD has the ability to directly influence certain parts of the nervous system is also the reason why it is quite effective as a means to treat epilepsy. And not only limited to epilepsy, you could use CBD to treat other types of seizures as well.

Reducing chronic pain

● One of the parts of the brain that could be affected by the CBD is the one that acts as the pain management. This means consuming CBD is quite similar to using a pain-killer. And the higher the potency of the CBD that you use, the more effective it becomes.

Reducing joint pain and inflammation

● Other than the nervous system, other areas that CBD could help are the joint, muscle and also skin. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is a great option when it comes to treating arthritis, pulled muscle, bumps, rashes, etc. This is why one of the most common uses of cbd is for cats with arthritis.

Improved fur look and feel

● One of the curious effects of CBD that you can see in your cat is regarding the fur. If you regularly give CBD to your cat, it will stimulate their fur and make it thicker, stronger, smoother, and also appear to be more glowing than ever.

Overall there are many benefits that people report from giving their cats CBD. So if any of the issues above seem to be bothering your cat then maybe CBD might help them get some relief.

The risks of using CBD on cats

CBD is safe to use by both humans and animals. It may have the ability to influence the nervous system and other parts of the body, but there won’t be any risk of harm when using CBD. It’s not even possible for you or your cat to overdose on CBD.

What would happen is simply an ineffective use of CBD. Just because you give way more CBD than your cat needs, doesn’t mean the effect would come any faster or work better than it is supposed to. On the contrary, it could possibly hinder the overall treatment process.

That’s why you should always give CBD based on the recommended dosage. Because a certain type of CBD, such as the full spectrum CBD, has a trace amount of THC inside it. If you give too much full spectrum CBD to your cat, it will put them at the risk of THC poisoning.

How to choose the right CBD for cat

The kind of CBD that you should give to your cats depends highly on the type of ailments that you want to tackle. If you want to treat their epilepsy or ease the pain caused by a chronic illness, then using CBD with a high potency level such as the full spectrum CBD is the best choice.

But if you simply wish to help your cat calm down and increase their overall health, then broad spectrum CBD that doesn’t have any THC in it is the right way to go. As for the delivery method, you could either use the CBD oil for a fast delivery or the CBD foods or treats for a more gradual effect.


Experts and experienced users alike have proven the health benefits that CBD could bring to the brain and the body. Not only for you but for your cat as well. It works by exerting a temporal influence to the nervous system through the endocannabinoid system. And as long as the CBD that you give to your cat contains little to no THC in it, there’s basically no health risk whatsoever. As you can tell, the benefits of CBD for cats is easy to see and it can help with so many issues. Generally speaking, older cats can encounter a lot of the things mentioned above so if you see that your little furry family member is slowing down with age it might be useful to take a look at CBD products.

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