What CBD blend is best for cats?

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Introduction to the different blends of CBD for cats available right now

One factor that affects the effectiveness of CBD is its blend. Even if all blends are effective, there are still some that fits some cats better. Because of this, it is important for you to check if you are purchasing a full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate.

This article is a quick guide about the difference between the three so that you can match it with your cat’s needs. By its end, we hope that you can pick the one that can make your cat return back to a calm, pain-free, and energetic pet. We have done a bunch of reviews on the best CBD cat products so if you want to skip this article and check that out , be our guest 🙂

What are CBD blends?

A CBD’s blend pertains to what it is composed of. This is because aside from CBD, some brands include other ingredients that can make it more potent and effective.

One key factor that dictates a CBD’s blend is in which parts of the hemp plant it uses. Some distills everything else except for CBD while some include all the ingredients in the leaves, stalks, and flowers. As CBD is a natural compound, it acts similarly to other herbal medicine which is why its blend matters.

There are three major CBD blends used for cats: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate.

Full-spectrum blend for cats


This uses all parts of the hemp plant to deliver the most potent form for your cat. Because of this, it is highly effective even in low doses. Because of this, it is most recommended for those experiencing very intense symptoms of anxiety, arthritis, and inflammation.

Another factor to remember is that it has a THC content that is lower than 0.3. The reason for its incorporation is to enable the “entourage effect” of hemp.

The entourage effect makes CBD work better if more parts of hemp are included in the mix. This is through the synergy between CBD and the compounds called terpenoids and cannabinoids found in the plant.


Because of its composition, it has the strongest flavor among the three. This makes it harder to give to cats whose appetite has drastically lowered as a result of their symptoms.

Broad-spectrum blend for cats


The broad-spectrum CBD blend also involves most parts of the hemp plant except for THC. Because of this, it is slightly less effective and potent. However, it is less likely to cause side effects which is why some are more comfortable using it.

It also somehow follows the entourage effect which is why it is recommendable for treating mild symptoms.

Compared to the full-spectrum blend, it is also more palatable for cats because of its milder composition.


The only downside to the blend is that it is not a standout in terms of flavor nor potency. Still, there are a lot of people who prefer this for exactly this reason which is why it still depends upon the user in the end.

CBD isolate for cats


This is the purest form of CBD sold for cats. Because of this, it has the best flavor for cats. To ensure its purity, manufacturers use a lot of distillation methods to create it.

Even with its mild composition, CBD isolate is still effective which is why it is still recommended. This is especially if the manufacturer also incorporates other natural ingredients like Omega-3 oil and cannabimimetic plants (those that work similarly to hemp) to boost its effects.


Because it has lower potency, you may need a higher dose to be able to treat your cat’s symptoms.

Which CBD blend is best for your cats?

If your cat suffers from intense symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, arthritis, epilepsies, and similar issues, we recommend the full-spectrum blend.

If you want to use CBD more as a daily health supplement to improve coat quality, mood, and prevent illnesses, we recommend using the CBD isolate blend.

The broad-spectrum blend is also good for both as it is the middle ground.

Other factors to consider

Aside from the ones mentioned, we also recommend checking for:

  • Flavor – A full-spectrum blend can still be appetizing in case the brand uses a strong flavoring such as salmon oil or beef to mask its grassy flavor. Check for one your pet particularly likes.
  • Form – CBD comes in the forms of oils, hemp cat treats, pills, creams, and more. We recommend choosing one that your cat prefers the most to make it easy to give every day.

Conclusion to Which CBD blend is best for cats?

CBD blends are determined by which parts of hemp they incorporate. In the end, the best one still largely depends on your cat’s needs. We recommend the full spectrum for the most intense symptoms, the CBD isolate as a daily health supplement, and the broad-spectrum as the balance between the two. To fully optimize the CBD to your cat, we also recommend checking the flavor and form of the CBD. Through this, your cat’s journey towards wellness will be customized to their needs. If you are looking for our top list of CBD oils for cats please take a look at the reviews we have put together !

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