What can CBD do for your cat?

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Cats are generally more independent than most pets. They can groom themselves, can ask for food when they want to, and generally are one of the cleanest and easiest to live along with. However, they also experience a lot of physical and mental problems that they cannot handle on their own. For example, older ones may start to experience arthritis and constant pain brought by neurodegenerative disorders and old age. Some may also be less active and generally lazier because of mental issues. Because of this, pet owners should give more time and start investing in natural medicine such as CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is a trending product nowadays now that the talk about marijuana has shifted from it being taboo to it being a wonder drug that can relieve people of many symptoms. These benefits also extend to our pets, though, including cats.

When talking about CBD, users should take note that it is not completely derived from marijuana. This version of it removes THC which is the harmful and psychoactive product of the plant that causes the sensation of being high and confused. CBD, on the other hand, takes the calming sensation from marijuana without its heavy and addicting side effects. This makes it a wonderful medicine for humans and cats. If you are looking for all the info about CBD and cats , just keep reading as we have everything you will need to know!

How does CBD affect my cat?

Both humans and cats have an endocannabinoid system. This part of the body was discovered by Raphael Mechoulam back in the 90s which is still quite recent in the medical world. Because of this, there has been a lot of confusion about what CBD is because of comparison to the unrefined and pure marijuana.

The endocannabinoid or ECS for short is responsible for homeostasis in the body. This means that it plays a part in ensuring that it remains stable. This means that it helps the body avoid constant pain, fluctuating chemical levels, and the likes. It does this by using its various components such as the receptors, enzymes, and more. These are then sent to the vertebrate, the brain, or more. It can signal these parts to stop pain and to return the levels of body chemicals to normal. Because of this, it can do a lot for ensuring that the body is free from pain and other symptoms

What can CBD help relieve for the cat?

CBD can do wonders for your cat. First, it can directly affect their mental condition and make it more stable. Cats that are starting to be depressive and low in energy will go back to their old energetic selves. They will also have a youthful vigor that can make them playful and sociable with other pets and humans.

Cats are easily startled by a very noisy and rowdy environment. Because of this, it may be best to give them the CBD before parties and social events that have loud noises and visual stimuli. This ensures that they will feel less nervous and will generally not act as startled. It can also be administered to them if you move to a new home as they have a hard time coping with a new environment. Finally, it can also be given regularly if you just want to improve the overall wellbeing of your cat.

Aside from this, CBD can also relieve them from physical pain. Older cats suffering from diseases that affect the nerves and also arthritis can have less chronic pain. It can also help in making them feel better after a surgery or visit to the veterinarian.

It can also give them better skin health. Given that they are already naturally clean, it can help with the promotion of proper fur growth.

How is CBD given?

To feed cats the oil, it can be administered through a dropper that is usually already attached to the product. This can be administered directly through their mouth. If it is hard for you to do this, you can instead put it in their food. However, direct feeding is still more recommended to ensure that they will receive full dosage. This is to receive the full benefits of the product.

Is CBD safe for my cat?

Because of the addicting and potentially dangerous side effects of natural marijuana, some may have reservations about using CBD. The good news is that the product is completely safe to be used by all cats. This is because it does not have THC anymore. It is entirely safe for the cat and will not cause any lethal side effects. If you accidentally give too much of the product, the worst that can happen is bowel irritation and diarrhea for your cats. However, if you notice an allergic reaction from them, it might be best to not use it anymore.


CBD is an excellent way for ensuring that your cat will always be relaxed and at their best health. It is entirely safe to use because it is all natural and is made from a mixture of cannabinoids (from rosemary, cannabis, and more) mixed with coconut oil. It can be administered through a mouth dropper or put onto treats. If you are thinking of giving your cat CBD the best thing you can do is to start with a small amount, and monitor their reaction. If they don’t have any issues with it, continue to increase until you are seeing an improvement with the issue you are trying to fix.

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