What are the products Pawtanical makes for cats?  

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Introduction to what are the products Pawtanical makes for cats

When browsing for hemp products online, one of the brands that many Canadian residents may have come across is Pawtanical. After all, they have a good reputation for being highly recommendable because of various reasons we will explain later. In case you are looking to start your cat’s journey towards a fully natural and healthy path using hemp, read more about the products of Pawtanical to see if it is for you.


Pawtanical is a company that specializes in using hemp for various pet products, may it be shampoos, conditioners, health supplements, and treats. They ensure the highest quality of ingredients by sticking to locally grown and GMO-free hemp. Their company sees hemp as the future of hemp health, and because of this, have poured effort and research into maximizing its benefits.

Pawtanical’s Cat Product – PawDaily Cat

Pawtanical has one product specifically made for cats which is the PawDaily Cat.

This form mixes the hemp extract with MCT or medium chain triglyceride oil as its carrier. This can be given to cats through multiple ways such as:

  • Rubbing it on their gums
  • Applying it on the insides of their ears
  • Mixed with either wet or dry food

This depends upon whichever way both you and your cat are most comfortable.

Pawtanicals Contents

One PawDaily Cat bottle contains 30mL of the blend. It has a total of 375 mg of the hemp plant extract which is just enough for most cats.

PawDaily Cat is labeled as a full spectrum blend oil. This means that it incorporates all the different contents that can be found from the hemp plant’s flowers, stalks, and leaves. Through this, the hemp’s flavonoids, polyphenols, terpenes, and more are included in the mix. Compared to the broad-spectrum blend and the CBD isolate blend, this blend is the most potent for cats.

Each bottle comes with its own dropper which you will use for extracting, measuring, and giving the oil for your cat.

Benefits for cats

The PawDaily Cat is recommended to be given every day for cats. The oil can help in various ways such as for:

  • Relieving them from anxiety brought by separation from their owners, traveling from far home, presence of a new cat in the house, and illnesses
  • Reducing inflammation brought by arthritis, infections, and similar cases
  • Increasing their comfort levels so that their sleep quality can be improved
  • Providing an overall health boost that can be seen by a better appetite, a friendlier personality, and management of their chronic conditions

Dosing Pawtanicals oils

The PawDaily Cat has a user-friendly dosing guide that first-time users can easily understand. The company also provides contact details in case you have specific inquiries regarding their products.

The brand also warns users that if their cats are currently taking medications, they should consult a veterinarian first before giving the oil to ensure that there will be no side effects.


Pawtanical is a popular choice for many Canadian pet owners when it comes to hemp. While they only offer one product made for cats, they made sure that it is sufficient for their needs as we can see from its ingredients and benefits for them. Pawtanical’s PawDaily Cat may be the perfect choice for you in case you are knowledgeable enough in dosing the oil and prefer a full spectrum blend. The nice thing about them is that they offer solutions for dogs and cats. If you want to see about Pawtanicals CBD dog oil just check out our review here

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