What are the best CBD products for cats ?

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Introduction to CBD products for cats

When it comes to cats, we can never settle on second-best products especially when it is used for their health. One of the most popular health supplements nowadays is CBD for cats. It is recommended by many cat owners because it is all-natural, effective, and easy to give for them.

If you are planning to treat the issues of chronic pain, anxiety, digestive issues, arthritis, and more for cats, you’ve come to the right place. CBD products have been observed to treat these issues and improve the overall wellbeing of their cat.

Choosing the best CBD product for your cat

Some cats are pickier than others. Because of this, we must expand our choices when it comes to the form of CBD to be given to your cat. After all, this is advised to be given every day. If you choose the right form and blend, both you and your cat will have more convenience. The following are the different forms of CBD in the market.

1. CBD oils for cats

This form is made by extracting the CBD compound from the hemp plant and then diluting it with an oil. The latter is usually made from the seeds of pumpkin and hemp or from coconut (also known as MCT). This form is popular for many cat owners because there are many companies which create this. It has great variety in terms of flavors and blends which allows you to choose depending on your cat’s illness and their preferences.

CBD oil can be either applied on the cat’s gums or ingested orally. It can also be mixed with their food. You can dose CBD oil by using the dropper included. Through this, you can ensure that the dose matches your cat’s weight and the illness you are trying to treat.

2. CBD cat treats

While CBD oil is abundant in the market and has a lot of variations available, some cats, especially anxious ones, may not be fond of it. In this case, cat treats infused with CBD oil are recommended. These are chewable, aromatic, and flavorful. In fact, users can simply leave the cat treat in their food bowl and your cat, as long as they like its flavor, will automatically eat it. This makes it one of the most convenient options.

The dose for both of these is measured based on how many treats are given per day. Given that cats have small bodies, about one or two treats is sufficient for them to receive its benefits.

The only downside of this method is that cat treats need to be digested in their stomach first. Because of this, it has a delay of about an hour or less before its effects start to kick in. If you plan to use the treat to relax your cat before a stressful event, take note of this delay to avoid any issues.

Similar to this are CBD cat food toppers which are small flakes and bits of the treat which you can mix along their food. Through this, they will not even notice that they are eating additional food.

3. CBD skin salves for cats

Cats are active creatures, and most are not content staying in one spot. Because of this, they may get into accidents outside of your home which can cause wounds, sores, hotspots, and similar issues. This may take some time to heal and cause discomfort for them. Aside from boosting the health, CBD has also been seen to be effective for reducing inflammations and improving the speed of healing of wounds which is why there are CBD skin salves. This is applied topically to the affected area. Some even come with ingredients like rosemary, beeswax, and Echinacea to further boost its effects.

Among these, CBD oils are the most dependable and abundant in the market. Its dose can be controlled completely by the user, it has a lot of available blends and flavors, and it is the most popular among cat owners. CBD cat treats are also a good choice for those who want more convenience. CBD skin salves are recommended for treating skin issues like sores and wounds.

What are the different CBD types blends for cats and what do they do?

Now that you are familiar with the forms of how CBD is given to cats, you must also read about the different blends of CBD. This pertains to which parts of the hemp plant are used to create the final mix that you will give to your cat. The blend also affects its potency.

1. CBD Full Spectrum blends for cats

To achieve the “entourage effect” that hemp plants have, this blend incorporates all of the ingredients found in it. This makes the blend more potent and effective for the cat. However, it has a THC content that is lower than 0.3%, which, even if insignificant, can still cause some side effects when taken in very high levels. This is why more caution is advised in measuring the dose for this blend.

2. CBD Broad-spectrum blends for cats

This removes all THC in the blend to make it easier to dose. This blend is the middle-ground between a blend that is easy to dose yet is still potent enough for more noticeable results.

3. CBD Isolate for cats

This removes any other contents of hemp save for CBD which makes it the easiest to dose. However, a higher content is needed to be given every day for the cat to receive its benefits.

Conclusion on CBD cat products

CBD is a great choice for improving your cat’s health. By informing yourself of its different forms and blend, you can achieve a balance between your convenience in giving it every day and your cat’s health. For beginners, we recommend using CBD cat treats that use either a broad-spectrum or CBD isolate blend. If you feel that you are ready to adjust the dose for everyday use, we recommend using a full spectrum blend in CBD oil form.

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