What are the best CBD products for cats in Canada?

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Introduction to the best CBD products for cats in Canada

A quick online search will show you that there are so many different CBD products out there. You can easily find CBD products for almost every kind of animal. And if you have popular pets, such as cats or dogs, the product’s options can be double that of other animals. 

It goes without saying that not all of them have the same quality. Some are definitely better than the others. Even the same products can have different quality depending on the brands that you buy it from. So if you have no idea what your cat needs, getting the best products can be a very difficult task.

And that’s where this article comes in. Here you’ll find out about different CBD products and which one is the best for your cats. And if you live in Canada, we have a recommendation for the best brands for you. And also the reason why you should buy your CBD locally. So be sure to read on till the end. 

What are different CBD products for your cats?

CBD oil for cats

The most common CBD products that you can find online are definitely CBD oil. They come in various sizes and flavors that your cats will definitely like. The only thing that you need to be aware of is the ingredients and the blends. Because those are the things that differentiate high quality CBD oil from the mediocre ones. 

CBD Cat foods

The next variety of CBD that you can easily find for your cats is CBD foods. This product is identical to regular cat foods in every possible way. It has all the nutrients that your cat needs. The only difference being the existence of CBD inside it. And that elevates its health quality way above regular cat foods. 

CBD cat treats

If your cats already have their own favorite foods, then you can give CBD treats to them instead. Just like CBD foods, these CBD treats are also similar to regular cat treats. It is full of nutrients along with CBD extract to boost the health effects. Not only that, they also often come in various shapes and flavors. All to make it more appetizing to your cats.  If you want to stay up to date on the latest CBD cat treats in Canada , make sure you check us out regularly. We try to update the newest options available.

CBD salves for cats

All of the previous CBD products are meant to be ingested orally and work from the inside. But what if you want to treat ailments that happen on the skin or the muscle of your cats. That is where CBD salves come in. It looks and feels like any other cream. You can use it to treat swelling, bumps, rashes, etc. You can simply apply it to the painful area and it will reduce the swelling in no time. 

What are the best CBD products for your cat?

You can probably surmise from the different products that mentioned above that each CBD product is suitable for certain ailments. So the best CBD product for your cats are the ones that is most suitable to their particular needs and that they will take without much fuss.

But if you’re new to CBD-based products and not sure which one you should get, then we suggest CBD oil. You can give it orally to your cats or you can get a spray nozzle and turn it into a CBD spray. That way you can use it topically just like CBD salves. CBD oil is by far the most versatile product of the bunch. 

Why should you get a locally made CBD?

If you live in Canada, you should get CBD products that are also made in Canada. The reasons are due to quality and convenience. Just like any other plant-based products, fresh ingredients are always better than preserved ones. So compared to any other CBD products from abroad, a locally-made one will have superior quality. 

As for convenience, it works on several levels. First, different countries have different regulations regarding CBD. That means you will likely have to deal with border issues if you buy one from abroad. Secondly, a local company will make it way easier for you to get support from them. Whether you have any questions or complaints, all of it will be way more convenient if you deal with local brands.

Top brands in Canada

At CBD Cat Treats we are always looking for new and exciting products to try out. Our goal is to find the best CBD products for cats and their owners. When we look at products we look at a lot of different things such as price, value, company values, cats reactions, reduction of targeted issues, as well as how easy it is for the cats to take the products. This is why it takes us a while, but in all honesty we have continued to try the new products, but the tried and true companies continue to shine through. That is why we made a list of the best CBD products for canadian cats, and will continue to update it when there are newer better products to list.

#1 Furbabies

Furbabies is a Vancouver-based company that focuses on creating high-quality hemp-based products for pets. They have helpful hemp products for cats, dogs, and even horses. There’s hemp oil, hemp treats, hemp salves, etc. Other than the salves, everything comes in various flavors and sizes. 

Furbabies’ products are perfect for those of you who wish to try hemp-based products for the first time. They focus not only on jamming the most milligrams into a milliliter, but rather how everything works together. We found that using their weaker strengths were more than capable of helping our pet out with their issues. This in turn saves you money, as well as worries about giving your cat too much product. Their experience and knowledge about how cannabimimetic compounds work are really second to none, and for that we give them the top spot. There is no surprise to us that Furbabies has continued to keep their top spot on our list, several months later.

#2 Creating Better Days

Creating Better Days has CBD oil, CBD treats, CBD salves, and many others. And all of them have gone through rigorous quality control by experts in their field. But unlike Furbabies, Creating Better Days put a rather premium price tag on their products. When we compared the two we found that the oil from Furbabies just worked better for us.

#3 CBDNorth

CBDNorth is another CBD company based in Vancouver. But unlike the previous two, CBDNorth offers CBD-based products for both humans and animals. That’s why their product selection for pets is smaller than the previous options. But the quality of the products itself are top notch. CBDNorth is a good option if you wish to buy CBD both for you and your cats, but lack free shipping at a lower amount and do have a bit higher price.

Final thoughts on the best choice for cbd products for your cat

At the end of the day the best oil is the one that works for you and your cats needs. It is impossible to know how they will react so we rely on our experiences and feedback from site visitors. At the same time, it can get expensive if you are trying out lots of different oils, trust us as we have tried a lot and end up with bottles that are 3/4 full. This is why we give our suggestions, to try to give you the best chance at success when treating issues your cat is experiencing.

CBD products have been proven to be able to give so many health benefits for your cats. And there are lots of different products that you can choose from, such as CBD oil, CBD treats, etc. However, the best CBD products are the ones that suit your cat’s particular needs. But if your cats never use CBD products before, giving them hemp oil from Furbabies is a great way to start.

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