What are the benefits your cat will get from hemp treats?

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Introduction to CBD and cats

Many are choosing CBD oil for their cats as a natural health booster. It’s positive impact on a wide variety of issues is being seen everyday by owners who are trying it out. From chronic stress, to seizures and other issues , hemp products are know being turned to in many cases.

Planning to purchase these. Check out its different benefits for cats to see if it can be useful for yours.

CBD to make them friendlier to new cats

Cats are known to be very defensive inside the household. This may be a leftover trait from their time in the wild. Because of this, introducing a cat to a house is a long process that takes frequent interventions and supervision from the owner to prevent fights if your cat is particularly aggressive. 

CBD can be given to both resident and new cats to help calm them both down. This is because it can help them regulate their moods better and make them less anxious. Through this, you can experience more peace in the household and make the transition of your new cat to be easier. It can also help those who foster pets in their house. We are not saying to drug your cats so that they don’t respond to the new cats, rather to use the relaxing and mood settling attributes that make CBD and hemp oil so beneficial.

Reducing general stress with CBD and hemp

As cat owners are aware , cats can become easily stressed. For example, they are instantly on their guard if they hear something loud or meet something unfamiliar. When this happens, you can observe them having raised hair in their backs. Although a lot depends on your cats personality and their lives, some cats are just more stressed out that others. Cats are all unique, just like people. And just like people we know, there is always that person who just seems stressed all the time. If your cat reminds you of that stressed person cbd oil might help them relax.

CBD can reduce the symptoms of stress and make them more comfortable in their everyday lives. This is why it is being used before and after trips to the vet, or when there is more stimulation than they are normally used to . Some may even increase the dosage for these special occasions.

Reducing chronic pains in cats with CBD

Cats are prone to having pain in different parts of their body as a result of various factors such as arthritis for older cats, swollen joints, and bruises from fights with neighborhood cats. You can easily see a cat suffering from this by observing their bodies’ posture, how mobile they are, and if they are more vocal than usual. Cats are just like humans, but they can’t talk but they do meow. If you notice your cat

CBD interacts with their nervous system to lessen this pain. Through this, many older cats have had an improved mood. This helps them become more active and relaxed in the long term. 

CBD does this by interacting with their endocannabinoid system which contains a lot of receptors that regulate different parts of the body. It promotes homeostasis and ensures that the body will be healthy. 

Reducing cat seizures with CBD

Some cats are born with epilepsy which causes them to have abnormal electrical activity in their brain at times, causing them to have seizures. CBD has been seen to be effective for lessening how often this happens. It can also lessen its intensity when it happens. 

CBD for cats arthritis

One of the most common uses that we have seen CBD to have great benefits for is cats with arthritis. This is because it has been seen in humans to reduce a lot of the issues in humans, to the point that the Arthritis Foundation is trying to get large medical testing done. Although there hasn’t been huge clinical studies completed, there is no surprise when you hear of CBD being used to reduce the impact on peoples lives. This is why many people have turned to CBD to treat their cats arthritis.

This is because a huge amount of people see that their cat is moving better and appears to have less pain than before they started using CBD or hemp oil with them. The other great side to this , is that even if it doesn’t work there aren’t huge medical implications on their pets. Sometimes with pills and medications there are side effects, even if they don’t help with the arthritis. At the end of the day it is a very low risk, and high reward test to see if it will give their furry family members some relief.

How to use CBD the right way to get the most benefits for your cats

Not all cat’s bodies respond the same to CBD which is why its dosage must be altered depending on their weight. There is no standard measurement for this as companies have different formulations of their products. To be sure, simply read the instructions that they provide on the packaging thoroughly. Through this, you will know how many drops of CBD to give them. 

It is hard to overdose on the CBD that is available in the market due to its safe composition. This is why CBD is available for general use. However, it is still best to administer proper dosage for your cat to ensure the best effect for them.

It is generally easiest to give it to them through CBD oil that comes with a dropper. Simply open their mouth and give them the dosage advised. In case this is hard to do, you may simply mix it with their favorite food. Never force them for this as they may end up scratching you from fear. 


CBD is great for cats as it can boost their health in many ways. It can lessen any chronic pain that they feel, lessen their anxiety, and improve their mood. It can also boost their immune system, sleep cycle, and help them avoid cancer. When purchasing CBD, be sure to read the instructions completely before giving it to your cat. It is also best if you can get direct advice from a veterinarian before you start your treatments. As always, if you are looking for more information about CBD cat treats make sure you come back to our site for all of our updates!

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