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Just wanted to do a quick write up to thank you for taking the time to come and visit our site. We have just got our site up, and wanted to give you a brief run down of the plan of the site.

As pet owners we have all come into that situation where something just doesn’t seem right with our little loved ones, but they can’t tell us what the issue is, as much as we wish they could talk they just can’t so it up to us to find out the root cause of the issue.

Many times the root of the cause can be identified without an issue, as there are many smart people who work around the world saving our pets’ lives as vets. However, many times finding what the issue is tends to be the first step in what can sometime end up as a long term issue. I do not wish this upon anyone, and hope that no one ever has to deal with life altering issues, but the sad truth is that there are times that we must do things to make our furry loved ones lives’ better.

In a recent study, it was found that many pet owners will spend more on their pets than on themselves. Which isn’t to say that it is good or bad, just very interesting. It is very similar to how many people would rather be in pain than see their loved ones in the same amount of pain.

Cats, Dogs, Lizards, the list goes on as far as what people keep as pets these days but the one thing that rings true across species is that they are family. And, unless you are keeping something that lives for an abnormally long time , there is a good chance that for your pets you will be there for their whole lives. While for us, the owners, they will be a part of ours so we will do our best to ensure they have the longest, happiest, and healthiest lives that they can.

Although sickness and conditions are never a good thing to encounter in a pets life, the truth is that some pets just don’t win the lottery when it comes to health and this is why we started this site up. We have had to experience some things in our pets lives that made us do a lot of reading, and living through trials and errors, so we want to pass those learning experiences on for others. We don’t want anyone else to have to try and fail, if we have already learned those hard lessons.

Our goal is simple, if we can make one pets life happier because we helped their parents find the right thing to help alleviate some of the bad feelings they have then we have done our work. We will take a look at different issues that can be helped by CBD , the different types of ways to give our little furry babies their CBD ( Treats are our favorite route) as well as the different things that we have read or encountered that can help be addressed by cbd products.

If anyone has any stories or experiences they would like to add, we are very very happy to pass along their positive suggestions to anyone who visits this site. And for clarity, we are not vets, what we say / write is based on our own experiences or others’. Anything that you give to your little ones is your decision one way or another ; we are only here to pass along things that have made their lives better!

Hopefully this will be the beginning of a great journey where we can help people find things that make their pets lives as happy as possible, as that will make everyone’s lives as happy as possible!

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