Some of the issues CBD can help when given to cats

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Introduction to the benefits of CBD for cats

There has been lots of excitement behind CBD ever since an American chemist by the name of Roger Adams managed to successfully isolate and extract CBD back in the 1940s. But it takes quite a while until the rules and regulations catch up to the studies and the general public interest in CBD.

But once the US government finally legalizes the use of CBD for medicinal purposes in early 2021, we saw the explosion of manufacturers that flooded the market with so many CBD-based products and the equally massive demands from the customers.

The health benefits that CBD could provide to both humans and animals has been properly proven and documented. That being said, diving deeper into something before you buy it is always a good practice, especially when it comes to food supplements for your cats. This brief article will answer some of the important questions that you need to know.

Where does CBD come from?

CBD (Cannabidiol) comes from cannabis and all of its subclass plants. It is one of the two main active compounds found within the plants. With the other one being THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). When consumed, CBD will make you feel relaxed, while THC will make you feel high.

Since the initial breakthrough by the aforementioned Roger Adams, there has been numerous advancement made by scientists in terms of the CBD extraction process. And that is elevated even more by various manufacturers in order to enable them to extract the CBD on a massive scale.

But it is important to note that the majority of CBD that is freely available in the market right now actually comes from hemp, instead of cannabis. The reason is simply because hemp has more CBD than THC inside. While cannabis has roughly the same amount of CBD and THC.

What can CBD oil help fix for cats?

CBD oil could help fix various health-related conditions on your cat. The vast reach of its influence is actually quite staggering. From the nervous system to the digestive system and from the joints to the skins, all of them are within the range of CBD.

Due to its natural calming effect, CBD oil will work great as an anti-anxiety solution. Just several drops of CBD oil would be enough to calm your cats down. If your cats are in great pain, whether due to an open wound or a chronic illness, CBD could act as a potent pain-killer.

Another major illness that CBD could treat is epilepsy. If you regularly give CBD oil to your cats, it could significantly reduce the effect of epilepsy. It could be used to treat other kinds of seizures as well. CBD could also stimulate your cat’s digestive system to increase their overall appetite.

Another notable effect of CBD is due to its anti-inflammatory properties. CBD could greatly reduce and treat various joints, muscle, and skin problems. As an added benefit, if you regularly give CBD oil to your cats, their fur will be stronger, thicker and appear more glowing than ever.

Is CBD safe for cats?

In general, CBD is safe for cats to consume. You can give CBD however many times you want and there won’t be any adverse effect on your cats. But do keep in mind that different kinds of CBD products have different reaction time. There is a possibility of giving too much cbd to your cat. If this happens you might see them being more tired or sleeping more. In extreme cases vomiting may occur.

Some, such as CBD oil and spray, are fast working CBDs. You can see the effect minutes after using it. On the contrary, CBD edibles, such as CBD foods and CBD treats would require more time to work. The reason is because they need to pass through the digestive system first before eventually spreading across the body.

But keep a close attention to the types of CBD that you give to your cats. Because while CBD won’t harm your cats, no matter how much and how often your cats use it, THC is an entirely different story. Cats have a low tolerance level when it comes to THC. So there’s always the risk of THC poisoning if you’re not careful.

What type of CBD is the best for cats

CBD extracts could be divided into three categories based on the mix of the cannabinoids inside it. The pure CBD is called Isolate CBD. The mix of CBD and other minor cannabinoids is called Broad spectrum CBD. And finally, CBD with THC and other cannabinoids mixed in is called the Full Spectrum CBD.

The Isolate CBD has the weakest potency level of the bunch, but it is also the safest option. Full Spectrum CBD has the strongest potency out of them all, but it is also the riskiest option. And broad spectrum CBD is the happy medium between the two.

If you want to pick one for your cats, you should base it on what you need the CBD for. If it’s for something urgent and serious, a properly-used Full Spectrum CBD is a good option. But if it’s only for helping them feel calmer, then Isolate CBD should be enough.


CBD has been proven to be able to give various health benefits to your cats. And by knowing information such as where CBD comes from, the kinds of ailments that it could fix, the safety of CBD, and the best types of CBD for your cats, you should be able to pick the right CBD for your cats.

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