Some of the benefits of CBD oil use for cats

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CBD is very popular for many cat owners nowadays. It is clear that it is not just a trend given that since its introduction in the market in 2018, it is close to reaching a billion dollars in sales by the end of 2021. It is the perfect blend of an interesting, effective, and safe health booster for pets which is why many want to know more about how it works. We will take an in depth look at what cbd can do for cats.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a fully natural compound that can be extracted from cannabis plants. The ones used for pet consumption is the cannabis hemp plant that is notable for having low levels of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. Because of this, it is not psychoactive and will not cause your cat to be dizzy, disoriented, and confused when taking it.

CBD improves the condition of your cat by boosting the endocannabinoid system. Through this, the homeostasis of the body is encouraged. Homeostasis is the condition of having appropriate body levels. It most notably interacts with the nervous system and the gastrointestinal system. Aside from cats, CBD is also effective for humans, dogs, horses, and other mammals.

What are the benefits of CBD for cats?

Through this interaction, CBD can help cats with the following:

Reduce anxiety and make them friendlier

Some cats are more anxious than others. Anxious cats become jumpy and immediately scared of surprising stimuli. They are less friendly to other cats which makes it hard to keep peace when there are many of them in one house.

CBD is recommended to be given for cats who are not used to having others in the house. This can help them become less impulsive, more relaxed, and friendlier to others.

It can also help them become less stressed. This makes it recommendable for cats living in noisy cities who hear a lot of car noises and the likes outside. Some also use CBD as a temporary fix in case you are expecting guests in your house and your cat is easily scared of them.

Lessen chronic pain

Cats are very agile creatures and are usually very active. Because of this, their bodies can easily get worn out especially if they have a disease of the joints and nerves such as arthritis and encephalopathy. When they have this, they become easily tired and experience pain with every step that they make. This makes it harder for them to jump from heights, chase mice, and move. As a result, they become lazier which can cause them to gain weight and have more diseases.

CBD has been seen to reduce their sensitivity to pain. Through this, they become more relaxed and comfortable. In fact, with just one week of using it, many owners report their cats to have better sleep and become more active when awake. This is why CBD is recommended to be used by older cats which are more prone to have these diseases.

Another aspect of chronic pain that cats can encounter is due to arthritis. We have done an full article on how CBD can help cats with arthritis for more in depth information. Arthritis can keep cats in constant pain, so if you are seeing something that might look like this CBD might be something to try out.

Reducing seizures

While seizures are not deadly, they can still be frightening and exhausting for cats. When this happens, they lose consciousness and have involuntary twitches and seizures. This can be because of exhaustion, heat, and more. CBD has been scientifically proven to be excellent in reducing the occurrence of this as it serves as an anticonvulsant.

Other benefits for cats that get CBD

CBD has also been seen to improve the condition of their digestion system. It has also been seen to make them improve their immune system, improve their sleep cycle, and speed up the regeneration of their wounds. With all of these, CBD is recommended to be used every day for cats.

Variations of CBD

CBD comes in various forms such as CBD oils, CBD pet treats, and CBD skin salves.

CBD oils are recommended if you want to act fast and if your cat is comfortable with having its content dropped directly on their mouth or gums. If not, they may prefer CBD pet treats which are biscuits infused with CBD oil and a natural flavoring to make it more appetizing for them. CBD skin salves are more for treating skin sores and wounds.


CBD or cannabidiol is a natural compound that can help in reducing anxiety, chronic pain, seizures, and more in cats. The nice thing about this product is that it can be given in oil, pet treat, and skin salve form. It is safe for them if given in proper doses. It can’t be claimed as a fix all for everything. However, some pets do respond very well to CBD products and it could help with a wide variety of issues you might be encountering.

If you are looking for more information this video is wonderful. Although they are suggesting using a product that we have never reviewed or seen the information that the vet provides is a worthwhile watch:

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