Should you use CBD for cats with cancer ?

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Cancer is one of the diseases that impacts almost everyone in life. It is horrible for every and especially tough for our pets. They can’t communicate their feelings other than the looks in their eyes or their sounds. It is expensive to treat, causes their overall health to deteriorate, and usually has a negative prognosis.

Cats suffer from different types of cancer, with the most common ones being leukemia, lymphoma, carcinoma, or breast cancer. Aside from direct treatments and surgeries for treating this, one of the best ways we can help them is by improving their quality of life. One of the most popular ways is by giving them CBD.

Please note that this is not a post that is trying to say don’t worry as CBD is the cure. We believe in being truthful and honest. And the truth is that CBD CAN help to help some of the painful aspects of cats with cancer. However you decide to treat this awful disease, you should consult with your vet about the possibility of using any products with your cat.

Common cancers of cats

Leukemia in cats is caused by a virus named feline leukemia virus or FeLV. This can be infected to other cats which is why those experiencing this are separated from other ones. This virus attacks their immune system and causes it to attack itself which makes them susceptible to more diseases.

They may also have lymphoma which is cancer of the lymph nodes which act as a filter and defender against foreign bodies which enter their body. Once infected with cancer cells, the cat becomes more susceptible to pain, diseases, and lack of nutrition.

Carcinoma is the cancer of the skin which causes the growth of sores and tumors. It can also spread to other parts of their skin. This can also lessen their nutrition and cause constant pain in the affected parts.

Mammary cancer affects their breasts which is why it is why it impacts female cats. It does appear that male cats can also get this type of cancer but it is a very low percentage of cats that get sick with this type of cancer.

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What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol which is a natural compound produced by hemp plants. It is extracted to be used for various benefits for the cat such as reducing their anxiety, lowering their pain sensitivity, and lessening the occurrence of epilepsies.

CBD is a supplement for making the lives of these cats more comfortable and is not a direct treatment. For example, cats who went through surgery and chemotherapy are seen to become weaker and less energetic. With CBD, they will feel less pain and also become more relaxed which then boosts their health.

How does CBD help cats?

CBD can boost their endocannabinoid system to work more. It is the part of their body that boosts homeostasis which can make their bodily functions stable. It also directly interacts with the nervous system and digestive system.

CBD is completely safe for them as it does not have THC. The latter is a compound usually found in cannabis made for recreational use. With CBD for cats, it is ensured to be lower than 0.3 for the product to be non-psychoactive.

When do you use CBD for cats?

CBD to be used for cats with cancer are recommended to be given regularly. Through this, they will be less energetic and in less pain after receiving treatment. This is because they usually have sore muscles, less cognition, and dizziness after receiving this. Through this, their experience will be less painful, and their energy will not be fully dampened.

CBD comes in three major formulations that differ in terms of the ingredients included in it.

First is the full-spectrum or broad-spectrum formula. This version includes all the ingredients found in the hemp plant, especially the hemp terpenes. The latter is an aromatic compound that has antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. These can help in making the benefits of CBD more effective because of the “entourage effect” that is seen in cannabis plants.

The other variation is the CBD isolate which only strictly includes CBD. In case you want to be very sure of its contents, this is the choice for you.

How is CBD given to cats?

CBD is mainly given in oil form. It has a dropper which comes with a measuring guide and which is used to drop its contents. As cats with cancer may be more hesitant to eat, some drop it directly on their mouth or apply it to their gums. In case they still have a good appetite, you can mix it in their food instead.

There are also CBD cat treats and toppers which are eaten directly. It is mixed with a natural flavor such as seafood or beef for them to be encouraged to eat it.

Its benefits can be expected within hours of using it. However, the bodies of cats differ with each other which is why you should have a week of observation to see its effects.

Does CBD have any side effects when used on cats with cancer?

Knowing the condition of cats with cancer, minimizing side effects should be a priority. The good news is that CBD does not have any major side effects and can be given regularly without any issues. Although not negative, some owners observed that their cats became sleepier during the first week of giving it. This is attributed to the fact that they are catching up on their lost sleep as they finally become relieved of pain. After a week, they can be expected to be back to normal.

However, they may have side effects if you give them too much of it. This includes making them dizzy, making them thirstier than usual, and causing irritations to their stomach. Because of this, it is recommended to introduce CBD slowly for them. Through this, they can adapt to it first.

Before giving CBD, consult with your veterinarian about any possible conflicts with any medication that they are currently using.


Although CBD is not a direct medicine for cat cancer, it can help in reducing the intensity of their symptoms. It can lessen their anxiety, lower their sensitivity to pain, and reduce soreness in their body. Because cats with cancer will undergo chemotherapy and surgeries, CBD is a good supplement to give them.

We really hope that you never need to research this aspect of caring for your cat. Cancer is a terrible disease and impacts so many people and animals. As mentioned before, always talk to your vet to see if it might be beneficial for your cat. CBD has been seen to help a lot of things, but it does come down to specific circumstances as well as how the cat interacts with it. As every body is different some cats will respond better to others, but if there is any chance of reducing their pain then it might be worthwhile looking at.

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