Risks of using cbd on cats

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While CBD is one of the hottest things that has come to pet supplements in a while, the reality is that nothing in this world is without risks. Even water, which is one of the sources of all life, can be harmful if too much is consumed. With CDB it is one of the safer things that you can give your cats but just like with water, in extreme amounts it can be too much. We will go over the different types of CBDs that are available on the market today, as well as the risks and benefits that come with using it. Don’t worry there is no need to freak out if you gave your cat some oil and decided to look into the dangers afterwards.


Just like with everything else in this life, you should know the risks and benefits that you could expect from any given product before you use it. This is especially true if it is something that could impact the health of your cats like CBD. But lots of articles talk only about its benefits while not mentioning the risks.

This is the purpose of this brief article, to educate you on all aspects of health when using CBD. Here you’ll find information regarding the different types of CBD and how one of them could bring the most benefits and carry the most risks at the same time. Hopefully by the end of this article, you’ll gain a more robust insight into the special compound called CBD.

Different types of CBD for cats

Based on the composition of its cannabinoids, CBD products can be classified into these three different types:

1. Full spectrum CBD.

As you can probably surmise from its name, Full spectrum CBD contains every cannabinoid that you can find in a cannabis, including the THC. This mix of CBD, THC, and other minor cannabinoids makes Full spectrum CBD as the most potent CBD that you can find a the THC adds a bit of a booster feeling to the CBD. While cats aren’t supposed to have a lot of THC , it is nothing to be alarmed over if the CBD has trace amounts of it in the product.

2. Broad spectrum CBD.

In the Broad spectrum CBD, we no longer see the THC. But there are still other minor cannabinoids alongside the CBD here. While the effect of the broad spectrum may not be as strong as the full spectrum, it is also way more safer because there’s not a trace of THC in it.

3. Isolates CBD.

And finally we come to the purest CBD of them all, the Isolates CBD. Here, you won’t find any other kind of cannabinoids other than the CBD. It does make it the weakest of them all, but it is also the safest option of the bunch.

The risks of using Full Spectrum CBD for cats

CBD by itself has no risks and unwanted side effects at all. It is perfectly safe to consume by your cats. But among all of the cannabinoids, the one that carries the most risks is the THC. That’s why if you only use the broad spectrum CBD or the Isolates CBD, then your cats are perfectly safe.

The risks appear when you decide to use the Full spectrum CBD. As per the rules and regulations, the maximum amount of THC that is allowed inside a Full spectrum CBD is only around 0.3%. And that is the level of THC that you’ll find in every commercial Full spectrum CBD right now.

At that small amount, you cats should still be fine when consuming the CBD. But if you somehow forget about the correct dosage and keep on giving too much Full spectrum CBD to your cats, then the THC will start to build up inside their body. This would lead to THC poisoning.

And that is the true risk of using Full spectrum CBD. THC is toxic to animals and it would have a bad effect on their body. Nausea, dilated pupils, vomits, and becoming unresponsive, are just some of the most common symptoms of THC poisoning. If you notice these conditions on your cats, you have to bring them to the nearest vets immediately.

The benefits of using Full Spectrum CBD for cats

But while the risks that we talk about in the previous section clearly present on every bottle of Full spectrum CBD, it doesn’t mean you should disregard it completely. Because as mentioned earlier, Full spectrum CBD is by far the most potent CBD out of them all.

And that is precisely the reason why it is so effective in treating certain kinds of illness. The main benefits of CBD will relatively be the same no matter which types of CBD extract that you use. But the more severe a condition is, the more you need a stronger CBD to treat it.

That is where Full spectrum CBD truly shine. On cats with severe pain due to chronic illness. Experts have found that the mixing of every cannabinoid in the Full spectrum CBD enables it to deliver a much more potent effect than just the regular CBD. This is especially effective if you are dealing with cats with broader issues. An example would be using cbd oil for cats arthritis , as it can be a painful issue for them. Sometimes it affects all their joints, and having a full spectrum can alleviate not only the pain but the swelling of the tissues surrounding the joints.

So if your cats are experiencing terrible pain, Full spectrum CBD could significantly reduce its pain. But for much more effective results, you should also consider the delivery method. CBD oil or CBD sprays have been found to be one of the best delivery methods among other kinds of CBD products. If you are looking for instant relief we suggest using oils , as they are absorbed quickest into the cats bodies. However, if you are looking for a longer reduction of issues, it might be useful looking into CBD cat treats , as they are absorbed slower and are broken down faster. So oil and sprays are fast in , fast out and fast acting ; while treats are slower to absorb but slower to leave their systems.


CBD is a perfectly safe compound with no side effects at all. Any risk that could be found is only when it has THC mixed inside the CBD. In other words, the Full spectrum CBD. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid it. There are certain cases where using the Full spectrum CBD will lead to better results. So give your cats the type of CBD according to their needs.

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