Natural health remedies for cats

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Introduction to natural health remedies for cats

The field of medicine has been advancing rapidly in the past decades. Nowadays, you can find the right treatment and medicines for almost every kind of illness. That is true not only for humans, but for animals as well. 

No matter how trivial a condition seems to be, you can always bring your cats to see a vet. Chances are, they will give your cats some medicines to cure their ailments. There’s certainly a risk of the medicine giving negative side effects on your cats. But the benefits clearly outweigh the cons.

But is that really the only choice that you have? Isn’t there any alternative that you can use without subjecting your cats to the side effects? The answer is yes, there certainly is a safer and healthier alternative for your cats. It’s called natural health remedies. 

What are natural health remedies for cats?

So what actually are natural health remedies for cats? Natural health remedies refer to supplements and medicines that are made purely from organic materials. For something to be called a natural health remedy, it should have little to no added chemicals at all. 

Most natural remedies are made using organic plants. It can be from flowers, leaves, roots, or even seeds. Each plant has their own unique properties and are best in dealing with certain kinds of ailments. So it is up to each manufacturer how they craft the end products. 

Some choose to base their products on one plant and only add other ingredients to enhance the effects. While other manufactures may prefer to blend several kinds of plants in order to provide a wide range of benefits. Both are valid options and you can use whichever one you want.  This is why we love CBD for cats as it can deal with so many issues from arthritis to reducing stress.

Are natural health remedies better than prescribed medicines?

The answer is yes, to some extent. You see, the main benefits of natural health remedies over prescribed medicines is its holistic approach. Natural remedies can tackle certain ailments while improving the overall health of your cats at the same time.

Some remedies even make it their focus to boost your cat’s overall health, rather than dealing with one particular ailment. On the other hand, prescribed medicine is often made to tackle one particular illness. You will usually need another set of medicines if you want to treat other parts of the body.

Another important thing that puts natural remedies above prescribed medicines is the side effects, or the lack thereof. Since natural remedies are made using only organic materials, your cats shouldn’t feel any side effects at all. As long as they’re not allergic to anything inside the remedies, then your cats won’t experience any adverse effects at all. 

But that doesn’t mean you should use natural remedies for everything. There are chronic diseases out there that truly require prescribed medicines either to cure or to treat it. Natural remedies are perfect for light to medium ailments, but for complex illnesses, you’d still need to use prescribed medicines.

Different natural health remedies for cats

There are so many different natural health remedies for cats out there. So rather than an extensive list, let’s take a look into some of the popular options out there.

  • CBD oil. CBD oil is one of the main cannabinoids compounds from hemp. When CBD is extracted out of the hemp, the end result is the CBD oil. CBD oil is the kind of compound that is already highly potent. Most manufacturers simply add some flavoring agent to make it easier for cats to consume it. Other than that, they won’t add any unnecessary ingredients inside. CBD oil can help your cats dealing with anxiety, significantly reducing the level of pain, treating seizures, and many other things.
  • Hemp oil. Just like CBD oil, hemp oil also comes from hemp. But if CBD is extracted out of hemp leaves or stalks, hemp oil comes from the seed. This is the end result of cold pressing the hemp seed until the oil is fully squeezed out. Your cats can get a similar effect from hemp oil as they’d get from CBD oil. But it won’t be as powerful because hemp oil has no CBD inside. That’s why most manufacturers blend it with other ingredients to boost its capabilities even further.
  • Cranberry oil. This is by far the most popular one that you can find in the market. And similar to the CBD oil before it, Cranberry is the sole focus of these products. Of course, there are other ingredients mixed in as well. But they are ultimately there to boost the effect of the Cranberry. Cranberry oil is the perfect option if your cat has bladder or kidney problems.
  • Flower essence. Flower essence is one of the products that actually consist of a collection of flowers. Different manufacturers have their own unique blend of flower essence. After all, each flower brings its own unique effects. As a result, most flower essence products out there offer numerous benefits in one bottle. It can help with allergies, cough, boost immune system, etc.

Here are some other great natural remedies you can try at home to help your cat out:

Natural remedies for cats

Other natural options to help cats issues

  • Acupuncture. This is an ancient remedies technique from China. On the hand of an expert, acupuncture can relieve your cats from all sorts of ailments. But these practices focus mainly on blood flow. The only challenge when using this method is calming your cats so they can proceed with the process properly.
  • Physical therapy. Physical therapy is a long and arduous process. But it is also the one that can provide the most sustainable results for your cats. Physical therapy usually focuses more on the muscle and bones. It is very crucial for cats that have troubles within those areas.
  • Massage. A cat has to undergo regular massage sessions, especially for hyperactive cats that like to move around. Massage is not only effective when there’s something wrong with their muscles. It is also a great way to release fatigue and stiffness.
  • Nutritional therapy. But even more so than the outside, you should pay attention to the inside. Health begins with what they eat. So you should pay close attention to what your cat is eating. Give them balanced and nutritious foods whenever possible. 

Conclusion to natural health remedies for cats

Natural remedies are made using only organic materials with little to no added chemicals whatsoever. And thanks to its holistic approach and lack of side effects, natural remedies are a better choice than prescribed medicines. Especially for everyday use. There are all sorts of natural remedies that you can choose from based on what your cat needs. Each with its own unique properties. And if there’s not enough, there are also other kinds of natural remedies that you can give to your cats.

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