Natural health remedies for cats  

lots of help from mother nature
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Introduction to natural health remedies for cats

Cats are excellent self-healers, and because of this, many owners may not notice when they are experiencing illnesses. Some may simply become more vocal while some become reclusive. They excellently hide their symptoms, and some may just attribute it to their quirks. In case you want to ensure that their health is always well, we recommend using natural health remedies.

Natural health remedies are those available in your garden or the nearest farmer’s market. Its natural composition makes it free from nasty side effects. Not to mention, cats are fonder of this rather than pungent chemicals because of the latter’s flavor.

For all-around health boost in cats use CBD

Our most recommended natural health remedy is CBD. This is a compound found in the naturally growing hemp plant. This is given in various forms, either oil, tincture, pill, cat food, and others. Discovered back in 1940, CBD has continued to be researched and studied to be available for mass consumption. Through recent legalization progress, it is now available for humans, cats, dogs, and others.

CBD is a health booster as it stimulates the endocannabinoid system of the cat. This then boosts homeostasis, a natural body condition where our body parts and processes are within healthy levels. This applies to the cat’s brain, kidneys, gut, and more. This is why we love CBD cat treats , as they are easy to get your cat to take and they help a lot of different issues.

Benefits of CBD for cats

CBD has also been proven to be specifically good for some illnesses felt by cats. First, it helps make them less anxious and more relaxed. Given that some cats, especially those rescued from abusive homes, can be jumpy and often tense, CBD can help relax them. This can help them socialize with other cats in the household.

CBD is also given for cats experiencing epileptic seizures. It helps in calming their muscles and preventing it from violently twitching whenever they have attacks. Through this, they become less exhausted.

Finally, CBD is also given for cats experiencing muscle pain brought by arthritis and other neurodegenerative disorders. CBD does this by both numbing their pain receptors and by lessening the inflammations of affected body parts. Many owners notice their cats, especially older ones, become more energetic and playful after receiving CBD. In fact, this leads to a domino effect of them doing more exercise which then makes them healthier.

CBD for cats, when given in proper doses, can greatly improve the quality of their life. It can be used either as a daily supplement or as a temporary fix for their problems. One of the benefits of CBD is that it is not addictive. It also does not cause them to be “high” so there is no need to worry about that either.

For calming effects in cats use Catnip

Catnip is popular among many cat owners because its effects are easily seen and because it is abundant in pet stores. Catnip is a part of the mint family and is also known as field balm. When given to cats, we can immediately notice a change in their behavior, with them becoming more relaxed. Because of this, catnip is recommended to be used for treating anxiety and restlessness. It has also been seen to improve their gastrointestinal condition.

Catnip is easy to give as it can be given as it is, as part of a toy, or as liquid. Catnip is safe to use for cats.

Aside from this, valerian and chamomile can also provide similar effects. These are also effective for helping them sleep better.

For digestive issues in cats use Licorice Root

Licorice is also seen as good for improving digestive issues with your cat. This can be used if they have difficulty digesting some foods, if they are suffering from diarrhea, or have a bad quality of stool. It has also been seen to be effective for treating issues related to allergies and their endocrine. Finally, it has also been seen to have anti-inflammatory properties which can lessen the symptoms of arthritis and improve the healing of their skin.

For dehydration in cats use Sugar and salt

Cat owners know that our feline companions drink little water every day. If they do, they are usually wary of their surroundings, a trait that remains from their days before being domesticated. This, along with getting diarrhea and infections, can cause them to be dehydrated. When this happens, they become very tired easily. This also results in issues with their defecation.

A simple mix of a teaspoon of both sugar and salt with water can help them recover from this. This is a form of electrolyte solution, similar to sports drinks sold for humans. This simple solution is also good for cats who have difficulty eating solid foods and those that do not want to eat anything anymore. Through this, they receive their most basic nutrition needs. However, if their symptoms do not appear to improve, it might be best to send them to a veterinarian for them to receive care from experts.

Precautions about natural remedies and cats

These natural solutions are affordable and easy to give, but we should still take caution in using them.

When giving CBD to cats , it is best to thoroughly read the instructions provided by the manufacturer in the packaging. Here, the dose is matched depending on the symptom you want to treat.

Cats generally do not have side effects from catnip. However, it can still cause diarrhea or vomiting if you give too much. This also applies to licorice root.

Finally, the sugar and solution is very safe to consume but is high in calories which means that your cat can gain weight from consuming too much of it. Not to mention, they may not be fond of drinking it always.

Conclusion to natural remedies for cats

These natural remedies are only a few of many that you can use for cats. As with anything, it is best to stick to the recommended doses to ensure that side effects are prevented. We also recommend you consult a veterinarian first before giving any of these to be sure of its safety and effectiveness.

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