Is CBD safe for cats?

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Introduction to CBD safety for cats

There are many natural health supplements for cats, and one that many are fond of is CBD. Short for cannabidiol, it may sound like an artificial chemical when first heard. Because of this, many may naturally doubt its safety for their feline companions. We have gone over how and why to use cbd for cats, but in this article we talk about the safety related to using it for cats.

How safe is CBD for cats?

The simple answer is because it is a natural compound. It is cultivated from hemp plants, and distilled and treated to be 100% safe for feline consumption. Don’t take this the wrong way, that all things found in nature are safe. There are poisons found all over the place in nature, so just because it grows outside doesn’t make it safe. But CBD is a safe, natural, compound to give to cats.

And while it comes from hemp, it does not contain any addictive or euphoric side effects. The reason is because it does not contain the compound called THC.

Is THC safe for cats?

THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, and it is notorious for causing all the feelings of being “high” for humans. While it may sound funny on paper to see our cats like this, it is actually toxic for them, which is why it should never be given to them. Leave that to catnip!

When CBD is made for cats, it means that its THC content is removed or reduced to insignificant levels. Because of this, it is 100% safe to be consumed by cats. So for clarity , THC is not something that you want to give cats. CBD = Good, THC = Not so good for cats.

What research says about CBD for cats

To know how safe CBD is for cats, it is best to consult what science says about it. The good news is that science also supports CBD’s safety for cats!

According to this research published in 2021, CBD is safe for cats when given in moderate levels. To be specific, it does not cause any clinically significant changes, and their body chemistry remains stable when taking it.

Of course, as with anything, it can still cause some minor side effects, such as lethargy and stomach irritation if they overdose on it. Because of this, be sure to give it only in its proper dose. If anything, this just proves that CBD does indeed affect their body, and that it is not just a health fad.

Benefits of giving CBD to cats

Now that we know that CBD can be consumed by our feline companions, let us know why it should be given to them in the first place. Here are some of the common benefits that cats can get when getting CBD.

First is to lessen their body pains. Cats experience various intensities of these, from those that make them simply sleep longer, to those which make them meow loudly with just a few steps. This may come from osteoarthritis, diseases of the nerves, and other diseases.

CBD’s main benefit is in lessening these inflammations and lessening their sensitivity to pain. Through this, they can get some relief and better sleep. They can then go back to being cuddly.

Next is to lessen their anxiety. Our cats can be easily startled by sudden noises and actions, and intense stress eventually leads to destructive behaviors.

CBD has been seen to be good for their nerves. It can help them lessen their sensitivity to these stimuli, and help them sleep better. This makes it a must-have for those who live in noisy neighborhoods.

The other benefits of CBD for cats include reduction of epilepsy’s symptoms, improved appetite, and digestive health.

Conclusion to Is CBD safe for cats?

As we see, research supports CBD’s safety for cats. This, along with its countless benefits, makes it very recommendable for all cat owners. If you’re planning to use it, check out CBD oils and CBD cat treats. As long as you follow its dosage instructions, you can see your cat’s progress in no time.

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