Is CBD oil safe for cats ?

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Introduction to Is CBD oil safe for cats and why?

CBD is among the most popular pet products of 2021, and seems to keep that steam going into 2022. However, it is still relatively new for many, and as such, many are wondering: is it safe for cats? We have gone over the many benefits for cats to use CBD, but what about the bad sides?

For this, let us take a look at what CBD is, the research behind it, and its effects on the cat’s body.

What is CBD?

CBD is often abbreviated, and as such, many may not be familiar with its full name which is cannabidiol. This is for good reason as hearing the part “canna” automatically shows its association with the cannabis plant.

CBD for cats is mainly gathered from hemp plants which are in the same species as cannabis. However, keep in mind that this is not used for recreational purposes and does not have psychoactive effects. In other words, it doesn’t make your cat “high”. This is because CBD for pets contain less than 0.3% THC. Through this, CBD is legal to be purchased in the USA and Canada freely.

How does CBD affect your cat’s body?

Most of the research made on CBD is focused on dogs and humans. However, its effects are expected to work similarly with many other mammals including cats and horses. Because of this, many companies have created blends specifically for them.

CBD works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system of the cat’s body. Interactions with neurotransmitters and receptors will take place to improve the condition of various body parts like heart, brain, spleen, pancreas, liver, and more. Through this, the homeostasis of the body is regulated.

Included in the benefits of CBD for cats are:

  • Reduction in the intensity and occurrence of epilepsies
  • Makes cats calmer and less anxious
  • Makes them have a regular sleep schedule
  • Improves their mobility and energy levels
  • Lessens inflammations and pain

Are the side-effects in using CBD?

According to veterinarians, CBD is safe in general. However, there are mild side effects to be expected if you give very high doses. Because CBD is mixed with an oil carrier, high levels can result in stomach irritation as oil is known to be hard to break down. This can also result in a sudden dip in their blood pressure which can make them dizzy and sleepy.

However, with proper administration and adherence to the product’s instruction, CBD has no side effects for cats.

Important reminders for CBD use with cats

While CBD itself is safe, many companies put additional ingredients to further boost its effects. This includes natural ingredients like Echinacea, Black pepper, rosemary, and more. Some cats may have allergic reactions to this.

If they are currently taking medications, consult with your veterinarians first before using CBD with your cat to be sure that it will be completely safe.

What is the safest way to give CBD to cats?

CBD is mainly given in oil form. This can be measured and dropped on their tongue using a dropper. Some also recommend applying the oil on their gums or under their tongue for it to reach their sublingual glands. The latter methods are better as CBD reaches their bloodstream faster through this. However, anxious cats will probably not be comfortable with this.

Some companies also have CBD food toppers and treats for cats. These are simply CBD mixed with flour and chewable treats to make it easier to consume for them.

How to choose the safest CBD for your cat

One of the best ways to ensure that the CBD is safe for cats is to look for certifications written in the packaging. This includes:

  • Non-GMO hemp
  • Being free from pesticides and toxic chemicals
  • Human-grade ingredients

These are given by third-party laboratories who study the oil’s content or even watch the manufacturing process to review it.

Cats have smaller frames and more sensitive bodies compared to dogs. Because many CBD oils are made for the latter, it is best to stick to those which explicitly state that it is made for cats or for small animals. Through this, the oil will also be easier to dose properly for them.

We also recommend thoroughly reading the reviews provided by customers. Through this, you can see if the blend has reactions to specific breeds, how fast it works, what its effects are, and more.

Finally, we also recommend companies who put a lot of effort in providing as much information as possible in their packaging and websites which are easy to read for first-time users. Because CBD is still relatively new, many buyers are probably first-time users.

Conclusion to Is CBD oil safe for cats and why

In conclusion, CBD is safe for cats when given in proper doses. It interacts positively with their body and promotes homeostasis and various other benefits for them. To be sure of the dosage, dedicate time to reading the instructions provided by the manufacturer as the intensity of CBD usually varies for every company. Through this, side effects will be avoided.

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