How to use CBD to calm your cats anxiety

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Introduction to Dealing with cat anxiety using CBD

Cats have a reputation of being easily scared pets, and because of this, anxious behaviors are normalized for them. While this may be cute at first, it can actually be a problem in the long term. After all, anxiety is an emotion that shouldn’t be normalized, or else, you and your cat may experience more problems down the line.

Here, we talk about what anxiety in cats are, its symptoms, and how CBD can be used to treat it an anxious cat.

What is are signs your cat has anxiety issues?

When cats are anxious, it is usually easy to notice. There are sure signs of it which can include the following:

  • Hiding from you
  • Trying to leave the house
  • Destroying objects
  • Not using their litter box
  • Trembling and aggressively vocalizing

This makes it harder to cuddle and pet them as they may even be afraid of you. This also results in some other symptoms like losing appetite and weight, losing energy, and having sores on their skin because of excessively licking it.

The reason why cats are easily anxious can be traced back to their pre-domesticated lifestyle. After all, in the wild, they are easy prey to many predators because of their smaller size and weaker bodies. They have then since been programmed to easily run and escape when being chased. While they can be predators too, they are still prey to many bigger and stronger animals.

What causes anxiety in cats?

There are a lot of factors that cause anxiety in cats that may seem like normal things for us humans. First, it can simply be a change in their environment. For example, having new furniture, pets, and people in the house can easily stress them especially if they already have a fixed day-to-day schedule. These pets are not fond of changes.

Another major reason is separation anxiety which is when they become anxious when their caretaker, in this case you, leaves the house. This is because they may see you as a protector and feeder, and without your presence, they feel more vulnerable. Anxiety like this is often seen in cats who were rescued from abusive homes. Another cause is when a cat is adopted too early, and were not able to socialize as infants. This is one of the reasons why they shouldn’t be separated from their litter at a very young age.

Finally, this can also be a result of an underlying physical reason that affects their brain. This can be because of an exposure to toxic chemicals and cognitive impairment brought by dementia. It can also be because of any chronic pain that they experience because of arthritis and nerve damage.

Using CBD for cat anxiety

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the best health supplements you can give for your anxious cat. This can be given in various forms such as oils, tinctures, and treats to help in calming your cat down. Perhaps you’ve already heard about it from various pet blogs and owners given how its popularity skyrocketed ever since its legalization.

CBD is a compound harvested from the hemp plant which means that it is fully natural. This can positively interact with the cat’s endocannabinoid system or ECS to help in regulating their mood, lessening tremors, and keeping them free from any chronic pain. Because of this, your cat can have their symptoms of anxiety lessened.

How do you give CBD to cats?

It depends upon the form you purchase and your cat. While giving cats pills or medication can be a pain, there are a lot of forms CBD can come in for cats. Because there are more options you can try to see what works best for you and your cat.

CBD oils are given using a dropper which you use for measuring and dropping the contents on their mouth. You can also rub it on their gums and ears. Oils are recommended because its liquid form allows it to easily travel through their bloodstream. CBD oils are plentiful in the pet market which is why you will have a lot of options and variations to choose from.

However, if your cat is restless and not comfortable consuming oil, you may try using CBD cat treats or pellets. These mix the CBD oil with a chewable organic blend to make it seem like regular cat food. It is also mixed with flavorings like beef, chicken, and fish to make it more appealing for them.

Finally, to help in treating any sores brought by compulsive licking of the anxious cat, you can also give them CBD creams. These can improve the rate of healing of these sores and protect it from bacteria.

When giving these, be sure to follow dosage instructions written in the packaging. By regularly giving it, you can expect your cat’s symptoms to be treated within the day or up to 3 days of administration. Because of this, you can use CBD both as a temporary fix or as a daily health supplement for cats.

Conclusion to Dealing with cat anxiety using CBD

In the end, it is also best to directly address what is causing this anxiety in your cat. If it is from poor socialization, try to make them interact with more cats. If it is from loud noises or presence of other pets, try to minimize their contact with these. CBD can help in alleviating its symptoms, but you should also put effort in lessening the cause.

If you plan to purchase CBD for your cat, we advise reading more about the different flavors and blends of CBD for you to be guided.

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