How to get your cat to take CBD oils easily.

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Introduction to getting cats to take cbd oils

We all know the pain that can come along with trying to get your cat to do something they don’t want to do. Before trying to give a cat medicine I had never known the struggle that was coming up. Cats actually pay attention to treats and sneaking pills in wasn’t as easy as it was with a dog. They also can smell a lot better too, so if there is any scent they don’t know or like you probably won’t get them eating their pills either.

While this sounds like a pain, which it is, there are luckily a couple things CBD oils, and CBD treats, have that pills don’t. We have a quick breakdown as to what to do to get your cat to take CBD products easily.

Finding the right CBD product for your cat is the key

While this might sound like straight forward advise, the reality is that with the right product it shouldn’t be too hard to get your cat to take the oils. So what are these things that we should look for in a product to give the best chance of getting your cat to easily eat their suppliment?

Flavored CBD options for cats

As mentioned above CBD oils have something that most pills or medicines don’t. And this is a wide variety of flavorings. While one manufacturer might not have a huge number of options, we can tell you that there are a lot of different flavorings out there. We have seen seafood, chicken, beef, as base flavors in many different CBD oils. We have also see fancier flavors that sounded like the entre at a four course meal.

So if you know that your cat has a preference to a particular type of meat, we would suggest finding an Oil option that aligns with their tastes.

Find a good CBD product for your cat

Again, seems pretty straight forward but it is hard to tell what is good and what isn’t. There are so many new companies sprouting up with extreme names, but they all use a similar base. So while you might think you are trying out 3 different products, they could all use the same base which won’t give much of a change in the effect on your cat.

So when looking for product to buy it is important to look at who makes it. Do they mix it in house? Do they talk about their experience in related fields? Does their company story make sense? If any of these things seem off, we suggest to keep looking. There are a lot of great companies out there, and there are also a lot of … not so great companies. So take your time before buying a product, because if your cat won’t use it it will be a waste no matter the price.

Find an effective CBD oil

The final point in our list of obvious things, is that you want to find a product that works with your cat. As each cat has a different body, the way they respond to specific blends will be different. So what you can look for is a large variety in customer reviews. You want to try to get your best chances by finding a product that has helped a lot of people with different issues.

The key to this is the efficiency of the product. While it might seem like you want the highest amount of mgs, the truth is that it is somewhat like gasoline. There are different levels of octane, and some cars need them. But if you use an octane that is too high for your car there will be no benefits. This is like cbd, it isn’t just about how many mgs are in the mix it is about the mix itself. We have compared oils that claimed 1050 mgs, against 150 mg bottles, and found that the 150 mg actually did a lot more for our pet than the equal amount of oil from the 1050 bottle.

Try different methods of giving your cat CBD

If you have found an oil that they haven’t been totally grossed out by that is a good first step. If you can put it onto a treat or in their food and they eat it you are good to go. However, if they are still not accepting it you might want to look at a different product, or form.

While CBD oil can be great, there are other options available. There are cbd cat treats, and some foods with cbd in them could be coming out soon. So if they are just dead set against cbd oil, try a different way of getting it to them.


While it might take a while to find the right fit for you cat, we can tell you that for the most part CBD is worth it. If it is within a realm of reason that it could help your cat, then finding a good quality CBD product probably will. So just as we have to temper our expectations about CBD oil, we must also be ready for the shock that your cat might not like taking it. Hopefully the points above will give you some ideas if you have a cat that just won’t take their CBD oil.

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