How CBD can help cats with arthritis ?

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Learning how CBD can help cats with arthritis 

CBD can help your cats with a lot of different ailments. And the best thing about it is the fact that it doesn’t have any adverse effects at all. Not only that, since it is an organic compound, it is also healthier than prescribed medicines. Which is why so many pet owners love CBD so much. 

CBD can help cats with anxiety, treating epilepsy and other kinds of seizures, and it is also an effective painkiller. But you might’ve realized that all of those are ailments related to the nervous system. Does it mean that is the extent of CBD’s capabilities? Can it treat ailments from other parts of the body as well?

The answer is a resounding yes. CBD can help regulate your cat’s digestive system and also promote skin health. But what about joints and muscle problems? Can CBD help cats that suffer from arthritis? This article will answer all of those questions for you. 

What is arthritis? 

The first and foremost thing that we need to understand is the fact that animals and humans bones work in a relatively the same way. That’s why both species could suffer from the same kind of arthritis. That being said, there are different type of arthritis out there. 

Inflammatory arthritis where the immune system attacks the joints and causes terrible inflammation. Infectious arthritis that is caused by either bacteria, fungus, or virus that enter the joint and cause inflammation. And metabolic arthritis that was caused by a build-up of uric acids in the joint, also known as gout. 

But the most common form of arthritis in both humans and animals is degenerative arthritis. This is the condition where the cartilage between the bones is eroded. Since there’s no longer any cushioning between them, the bones end up making direct contact with one another. This leads to stiffness, swelling, and pain. 

What causes arthritis in cats?

For this particular article, let’s focus on degenerative arthritis. There are several common causes of this type of arthritis. And all of them can happen to humans and animals alike. The first and most obvious one is genetics. 

If you have a cat that has suffered from arthritis, the risk of developing arthritis is higher for their offspring. There’s no guarantee that they will have it, but the risk is there. The next cause is being overweight. An excess weight can put the bones under tremendous stress. This can cause the cartilage to wear out quicker than normal.

Then there’s the issue of previous injury. Any kind of injury in the joints, such as ACL tear, can cause arthritis later on down the line. Age is also a huge factor in developing arthritis. After all, the body will degenerate as it gets older. So it is only natural that the cartilage will slowly erode as they become older. But make no mistake, arthritis can happen to young cats as well. 

How can CBD help cats with arthritis?

In order to understand how CBD can help with arthritis in your cats, we need to talk about inflammation first. Inflammation happens as a defense response by your body. When your body senses danger, such as viruses or injuries, it activates the immune system. 

The immune system will then release the inflammatory cells. As a way to isolate the problematic area, these cells will initiate the inflammation process. The result will usually appear in the form of swelling, redness, bruising, and pain. 

In arthritis, the effect of your bones constantly scratching one another without any sorts of protection triggers this inflammation. Constant inflammation means constant swelling and pain. As such, you need something that can reduce those inflammation responses. 

And that is where CBD comes in. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. When you give CBD to your cats that are suffering from arthritis, it will ease the swelling and the pain. There are also other kinds of anti-inflammation solutions out there, such as steroids. 

Unfortunately, every single one of them will have negative side effects upon use. But that is not the case with CBD. You can give as much CBD that you want to your cats and there won’t be any adverse effect on their health. 

Researches on the effect of CBD to arthritis

There are a couple of researches that shed light on the effects of CBD to arthritis. The first one is a research by Mbvundula et al. that was published in 2004. The title is “Cannabinoids In Pain And Inflammation. The study concluded that cannabinoids are able to reduce inflammation and also the inflammatory pain. Not only that, it can also protect from secondary tissue damage. 

The next one is a 2010 study conducted by Nagarkatti et al. The title is “Cannabinoids As Novel Anti-Inflammatory Drugs”. The research found that Cannabinoids through the CB1 and CB2 receptors can influence the immune response and act as an anti-inflammatory agent. 

There’s also a research titled Joints for joints: Cannabinoids In The Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis.” The research was conducted by Lowin et al. and published in 2019. They found that cannabinoids are effective in controlling inflammation and reducing pain.

What is the best CBD for cats with arthritis?

There are lots of different CBD that you can easily find in the market. But not all of them are suitable for the treatment of arthritis for your cats. Since we are dealing with pain, it is better to use a fast-acting CBD. This means CBD products with the effects that can be felt in a matter of minutes. 

The one that fits the bill is definitely CBD oil. Once you drop the oil into your cat’s mouth, the effects will kick in just a couple of minutes later. If you find it hard to use the dropper, then you can also use the CBD spray. It is basically just a regular CBD oil but with a spray nozzle on top. Give a couple of sprays into your cat’s mouth and you’re done.

Another thing that you should pay attention to is the type of the CBD itself. Research has indicated that a presence of THC can significantly improve the anti-inflammatory effect on CBD. In that case, you should get the Full Spectrum CBD for your cat. It has around 0.3% THC inside and it is by far the most potent CBD you can find.

How to give CBD to cats with arthritis?

Other than getting the full spectrum CBD oil, there are still other things that you should pay attention to. And that is the amount and the frequency. How much CBD that you give to your cats per serving and how often you give them is important. 

For a more accurate dosage and frequency, you should talk to your trusted vets. But as a general rule of thumb, you should always start small. Give the CBD oil in a small dosage to your cats once a day. After a while, you can slowly increase both the dosage and the frequency. 

What other things can you do to help cats with arthritis? 

First thing first, you should always pay attention to the symptoms of arthritis, such as limited range of movement, swelling, redness, etc. If your cats exhibit those symptoms, you should immediately take them to your trusted vets. 

You need to know what kind of arthritis that your cats suffer from first. Because as we’ve discussed earlier, there are different types of arthritis. Each with its own effective treatment method. But unfortunately, no matter what type of arthritis it is, there’s no cure available for them. At least for now. 

Even CBD can’t totally cure arthritis. The best thing it can do is halting the progression of the disease and reducing the pain. So the best course of action for you as the owner is to try and make their life more comfortable. And if you can, take them to a proper physical therapist. 

Conclusion to how CBD can help cats with arthritis

CBD is an organic compound that has anti-inflammatory properties within it. Illness such as arthritis that is marked by inflammation on the joints can be treated with CBD. But what you need to remember is CBD cannot cure arthritis. 

But it can prevent the disease from advancing any further. And it can also significantly reduce the pain and the swelling. For best results, you should give full spectrum CBD oil to your cats to reduce arthritis related pain. This combination makes sure that you have the most potent CBD and the effect can also be felt in a matter of minutes.

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