Homeopathic remedies for cats

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Introduction to natural cures for cats

Homeopathy is one of the natural health remedies that has been practiced for decades. And as the years go by, more and more people adopt homeopathy approaches to their everyday life. It is estimated that there are millions of people that practice homeopathy across the world. 

CBD from hemp is the compound that has been used all over the world throughout the ages. There are multiple archeological findings and historic accounts about the use of hemp in different cultures. And modern research has confirmed most of the claims made by experienced users all those years ago.

Both of those options are great for your health and both can certainly be used by your pets as well. But what if you want to combine the two? Can it be done? Can CBD be used as a homeopathic remedy for cats? Read on to find the answers to these questions.

What is homeopathy and where does it come from?

Our body has the ability to heal itself. Ask every doctor that you know and they will confirm that this statement is true. That is why you can have a fever and your body can heal itself without using any medicine. What medicine can do, however, is speed up the process and help strengthen the body.

And that is basically what homeopathy strives to do. It is a practice of using natural remedies to stimulate the self-healing aspect of our body. By microdosing the natural remedy, it can let our body build resistance to numerous ailments and disease. 

The practice started by a German physician by the name of Samuel Hahnemann way back in 1796. In its early days, homeopathy involved the practice of infecting healthy people with certain illnesses in order to make their body immune to said illness. But as the years go by, it gradually evolves into its current form that is both safer and less aggressive.

What is CBD oil and is it safe to use for cats?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the cannabinoids that can be found inside of cannabis, marijuana, and hemp. This is the compound that can make you feel calm and relax when consumed. The one that can make you feel “high” is another cannabinoid compound called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

Researchers have found that CBD can offer lots of benefits for both humans and animals. That’s why the method to isolate the CBD from other cannabinoids in hemp was developed. The result of that extraction method is CBD oil. Nowadays, you can easily purchase a bottle of CBD oil for a rather affordable price. 

So is it safe to use on a cat? Yes, absolutely. Unlike psychoactive compounds like THC, CBD doesn’t have any bad side effects on you or your cat. On the contrary, using CBD regularly can improve the health of your cat. And it can also treat various ailments that your cats might have in their body.

The health benefits of CBD oil for cats

  • To reduce anxiety. One of the things that is responsible for our mental health is a neurotransmitter called Serotonin. A slight change in serotonin can cause mild depression and anxiety. CBD has the ability to alter the level of serotonin to make us feel calm and reduce anxiety. 
  • As a potent painkiller. Through its connection to a neural network called endocannabinoid system, CBD can access the pain management part of our brain. That is what allowed CBD to act as a potent painkiller. Giving CBD to a cat that suffers from a chronic illness can make their life significantly more comfortable. This is one of the reasons why people love using CBD oil for cats with arthritis.
  • As a treatment for epilepsy. CBD has been formally accepted by the medical community as one of the best ways to treat epilepsy. But not only that, CBD can also help with other kinds of seizures as well. Using it will dramatically reduce the intensity and also the frequency of the seizures.
  • To improve fur quality. Research has found that CBD is able to influence the cell of the hair follicle. This makes CBD able to stimulate the growth of your cat’s fur. Not only that, regular use of CBD has also been found able to improve the overall health and quality of the fur.
  • Other health benefits. There are several other health benefits that CBD can give to your cats, such as regulating their digestive system. Particularly when it comes to appetite. CBD can also help dealing with joints and muscles problems caused by inflammation.

Different type of CBD oil for cats

  • Full spectrum CBD. The first and strongest type of CBD is called full spectrum CBD. We talked earlier about how there are numerous cannabinoids inside of hemp apart from CBD. Well, full spectrum CBD contains every cannabidiol from hemp, including 0.3% of THC. That is why the effect is so powerful.
  • Broad spectrum CBD. One step below the full spectrum is the broad spectrum CBD. This one also has every cannabinoid from hemp, minus the THC. So that means the broad spectrum is not as strong as the full spectrum. But the absence of THC makes it way safer to use on your cats.
  • Isolate CBD. As the name suggests, this one only has CBD inside, without any other cannabinoids. Hence the name isolates CBD. As you can expect, isolate CBD is not as strong as the other two. But it makes up for its lack in strength by being the safest one to use for your cats, by far. 

Can you use CBD oil as a homeopathic remedy for cats?

Yes, you can certainly use CBD oil as a homeopathic remedy for your cats. As a matter of fact, using CBD oil will greatly enhance the homeopathic practice of your cats. The reason is simply because CBD is currently one of the most potent organic remedies that we know. 

Not only that, you might even have practiced homeopathy with CBD for your cats all along. Because one of the recommended usage of CBD, especially for new users, is by starting slow. You should start with small doses once a day. And you can gradually increase the dose and the frequency if you think your cat needs it. 

That is basically micro dosing, one of the core practices of homeopathy. And you can easily find the benefits of giving the CBD oil to your cat this way through various online pet owners communities. So the combination of homeopathy and CBD oil has actually been proven to be extremely good for your cats.

Best CBD oil to use a homeopathic remedies for cats

We’ve established that CBD oil is perfectly good to use as a homeopathic remedy for cats. Now it’s time to decide what is the best CBD oil to use. Because even among CBD oil itself, there are so many different variations available in the market right now. 

One of the very first things that you should decide is the type of CBD. We’ve talked about the different types of CBD in the previous section. Among those three, you can use whichever one that you think your cats needed the most. But if you simply want CBD oil for a day to day use, then broad spectrum CBD is great.

The next thing that you need to decide is the flavors. Yes, CBD oil comes in several different flavors. The reason is because some pets simply do not like the natural taste of CBD oil. This is not a mandatory choice, by any means. But it will be great if your cat can enjoy it every time you give them CBD oil.

Conclusion to homeopathic remedies for cats

Homeopathy and CBD oil has been around for a long time. And not only can you combine the two, but it is actually better for your cats if you do so. CBD oil can offer so many health benefits and it is one of the most potent organic compounds today. By implementing it as the homeopathic remedy for your cats, it will holistically improve their health.

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