Hemp treats for cats, all you need to know

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Introduction to cat hemp treats

Giving hemp to cats is a great way to keep them calm and free from pain. This can encourage them to be friendlier in your home, more active, and overall healthier. The best part is that hemp is completely safe and natural. In case you want to give your feline companion a health supplement that is tried-and-tested, giving them this plant is the way to go. To make it easier to give to cats, we recommend buying cat hemp treats.

How is hemp given to cats?

Hemp is a plant that is part of the cannabis family. The plant itself is hard to give to cats, and so its contents are instead utilized to be in oil form. This is then measured and given through a dropper. This is similar to how hemp is given to humans.

Many hemp manufacturers have also created creative ways to give it. This is because some cats may not be comfortable with having an oil dropper be inserted in their mouth. One of favorite forms of getting CBD benefits into cats is by giving them CBD cat hemp treats.

What are Cat hemp treats?

This form mixes the hemp oil with a chewable biscuit to make it more appealing for cats. Hemp treats also has a natural flavoring such as salmon and beef to make it aromatic and delicious for them. Because of this, hemp treats are easy to give even if your cat is naturally a picky eater.

Hemp treats come in various forms and sizes, but what gives them an edge is that it is already pre-measured. Most companies put about 3 mg of hemp for each piece. By giving your cat these pre made treats you do not need to manually measure the dose every day. You will only need to count how many pieces to give to them daily, which will make your life a lot easier.

How do hemp treats improve my cat’s health?

Hemp contains terpenes and compounds that positively affect their endocannabinoid system. Through this, homeostasis is promoted in their body. Specifically, it provides the following benefits:

1.  Relieves cats pain from arthritis, neurodegenerative disorders, surgeries, and more

2. Relaxes them and makes them sleep better

3. Reduces the intensity of seizures

Even though the hemp plant comes from the cannabis family, it does not cause your cat to be high. Hemp treats made for cats are free from THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. Through this, its psychoactive properties are removed.

What to look for in cat hemp treats?

There are a lot of companies which create hemp treats for cats. Because of this, we recommend you keep note of the following to ensure that it will have the best benefits for them.

1. Ingredients in the cat hemp treats

First, check the different ingredients mixed with the hemp oil. We advise you to avoid those mixed with grains and corn as it can be unhealthy when given every day. Also, look for those that use human grade ingredients to ensure that it is free from insecticides and artificial preservatives. These are important as the treats will be eaten by the cats daily which means that it will play a big part in their diet.

2. Hemp oil blend for cat treats

The exact composition of the hemp oil infused in the treats is also important. First, the blend should contain less than 0.3% of THC to be safe for cats. We also recommend those that use the terpenes of the hemp plant to ensure that it will provide an all-around health boost. Finally, we also prefer those which add other cannabimimetic plants such as rosemary and echinacea to make the blend healthier.

3. Flavor of cats hemp treats

There are a lot of flavors for cat treats to match their preferences. If your cat is a fan of fish, try salmon flavored ones. Other flavors include beef, chicken, wild boar, and others. Through this, they will be encouraged to eat these every day.

How long do hemp treats take to work for cats?

One of the key differences of hemp treats from oils is its solid form. Because of this, hemp needs to be digested first before being working for their body. This means that it takes about 20-30 longer to enter their bloodstream compared to hemp oil. Allot about one hour after giving the treat to start observing its effects. Once their bodies start adjusting to eating hemp treats every day, this delay will not be noticeable anymore.

Final thoughts on hemp cat treats

We recommend giving hemp treats for cats who are not fond of consuming it via oil. They will be more encouraged to eat treats because it comes with a delicious aroma and flavor such as beef, salmon, and chicken. Its only downside is that it takes longer to work which shouldn’t be much of a problem if given daily. We find that cats can be very picky and giving them CBD oil might take a lot of work, so if possible give them some cat treats with CBD in them and make your life a lot easier.

An easy way of knowing that the product you are eyeing follows the factors for good quality (ingredients, hemp oil blend, flavor) is if they provide certifications. Through this, you can be sure that a third-party laboratory studied their ingredients and manufacturing processes.

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