Hemp oil for cats

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Introduction to hemp oil for cats

One of the food supplements for cats that has become one of the most popular options for pet owners is CBD oil. It has been proven to give numerous health benefits to your cats. And most people who have used CBD oil also have nothing but praise for it.

But for quite a while now, another kind of food supplement has appeared. It’s called Hemp oil. And slowly but surely, more and more people started to use this product and view it as a viable alternative to CBD oil.

There’s a lot of confusion about hemp oil and its relation to CBD oil. So what is exactly hemp oil and is it actually just CBD oil with a different name? And what sorts of health benefits can your cats expect to get from this product? This article will tell you all about it.

What is hemp oil and where does it come from?

As the name suggests, hemp oil is a fluid made out of the plant hemp. Hemp itself is a subclass plant of cannabis, just like Marijuana. But what makes hemp different then the rest is the amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) inside it.

THC is the psychoactive compound that could negatively impact the brain. Hemp, on the other hand, only has a trace amount of THC in it. That’s why both hemp oil and CBD oil are products that are derived from hemp. Because it has all the benefits of cannabis, without any of its adverse effects.

As for the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil, it basically comes down to how the hemp was processed. Another noticeable difference would be its effect on your cats. We’ll talk more in depth about this topic in the subsequent sections below.

Is hemp oil the same as CBD oil?

There are a lot of similarities between hemp oil and CBD oil. For starters, both were made from hemp, and both products could be used by humans and animals. The way to use it is also quite similar, which is to ingest orally.

But for this particular point, hemp oil could also be used topically, while CBD oil cannot. Those are pretty much all of the similarities between both products. Because while both oil comes from hemp, the way to get them couldn’t be more different.

CBD is one of the cannabinoid compounds that exist within hemp. Therefore, in order to create a CBD oil, the CBD needs to be extracted from the hemp. Meanwhile, for hemp oil, all you need is the hemp seeds. You cold-compress the seeds, and it will turn into hemp oil.

That difference in processing alone is responsible for the difference in effect that you will get from either hemp oil or CBD oil. More on the benefits of hemp oil in the next section. But one thing for sure, hemp oil is not the same as CBD oil.

What are the benefits of hemp oil for cats?

Since both hemp oil and CBD oil come from the same plant, it is no wonder that both of them share some common effects. That being said, both products could also give certain benefits that are uniquely theirs. Let’s start with some of the similar effects first.

Both CBD oil and hemp oil could be used to reduce your cat’s anxiousness. If for whatever reasons your cat becomes panic or anxious, giving them either hemp oil or CBD oil could calm them down. Another similar effect is their anti-inflammatory properties. This means you can use both oil to treat numerous joints, muscles, and also skin problems.

And now let’s talk about what hemp oil can do and CBD oil cannot. Due to the fact that hemp oil is the result of the cold-pressing of hemp, it contains various nutrients that CBD oil simply does not have. Things such as the fatty acids of Omega 3 and Omega 6, fiber, protein, and many other beneficial nutrients. This is why trying Hemp oil with your cat might be an option even if you don’t see great results from some CBD products.

These nutrients are great for various parts of their body, such as the coat and the skin. Not only that, it could also promote a better sleeping habit, improve their appetite, and make their overall digestive system work even better.

How to pick the best hemp oil for cats

Before you buy hemp oil for your cats, there is one thing that you need to look into, which is the information regarding the product itself. You see, there are important things that would affect the overall quality of a hemp oil, and you should be able to get such information from the seller.

Information such as where the hemp was grown, what kind of process that it went through, whether it is a distilled hemp oil or not, those kinds of things are important for you to know. No matter what the brands are, if they can’t give you this information, then you should try looking somewhere else.

Final thoughts on Hemp oil for cats

Hemp oil has proven itself to be a very viable alternative to the popular CBD oil. There are some effects and benefits that both of these hemp-derived products share with one another, such as in reducing pain and anxiety, but there are also other benefits that you can only get from hemp oil, such as important nutrients like Omega 3, fiber, etc. Hemp oil could definitely improve your cat’s quality of life. If you are finding oil hard to give to your cat we suggest you check out hemp cat treats, as they make life a lot easier in most cases.

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