Furbabies Hemp salves for cats product review

hemp salve for cats
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Introduction to our Furbabies Hemp based salve

Hemp-based products have been proven to be highly effective in tackling various conditions suffered by your cats. There are different Hemp products out there that you can choose based on what your cat needs. But most of the time, those products were designed to tackle internal problems, such as anxiety, epilepsy, etc. That means your cat needs to ingest the products for it to work properly. 

But there is a kind of Hemp product that is especially made to be used externally. This is the kind of product that you should use to deal with muscle, joints, and skin problems. Some brands call it Hemp cream, but it is most commonly known as Hemp salves. 

There are many brands out there that offer Hemp salves. In this article, we’ll take a look at the one from a Canadian brand called Furbabies. We’ll talk about their version of Hemp salves and what it can do for your cats. After that, we’ll decide whether or not you should use the salves from Furbabies. 

Who is Furbabies?

Furbabies is a Canadian brand with a headquarter in Vancouver, British Columbia. Furbabies create various products based on hemp specifically for animals. For now, they have products for three different kinds of animals, which are dogs, cats, and also horses. 

Furbabies has been in the industry for a long time now and has countless loyal customers. But before they were called Furbabies, they used to go by the name of Apawthecary for Pets. But due to undisclosed reasons, the people working for Apawthecary Pets restart their business as Furbabies now. 

Using their years of experience as the foundation, Furbabies manage to create a line of high-quality hemp-based products. Their hemp oil, hemp treats, hemp salves, and other hemp-based products are better than ever before. By using their own unique proprietary blend, Furbabies manage to stand apart from its competitors. Furbabies is now one of the leading names in the Canadian market. 

Difference between Hemp salves and cbd salves

Nowadays, Hemp salves and cbd salves refer to two different products altogether. To understand it better, let’s talk about its original form first, the Hemp oil and cbd oil. If you take hemp leaves, stalks, and flowers and extract it using a certain method, the end result is cbd oil. But if you take hemp seeds and cold press it, it will let out the oil from inside the seeds. And that is called hemp oil. As for the benefits, your cats can get similar effects from both products. You can deal with your cat’s anxiety with either Hemp oil or cbd oil. The main difference will be the strength of the effects. Hemp will be more powerful than its cbd counterpart because hemp oil doesn’t have cbd inside it. 

That being said, hemp oil itself is the perfect introduction to the world of hemp products for your cats. Because it is much gentler on the body than cbd oil. And depends on the blend, hemp oil can even offer more additional value than cbd oil.

Hemp salves for cats from Furbabies

Hemp salves are one of the best selling products from Furbabies. There are two main reasons for this, which is versatility and high-quality. Unlike their other products that were mainly designed for certain species, every animal can use Furbabies hemp salves. That means if you have multiple pets in your house, one hemp salve can be used to help them all. 

The second reason is due to its high quality. Hemp salve from Furbabies is very effective at its job. Furbabies use their own proprietary blends of essential ingredients to make the salve. Hemp oil, Chamomile oil, Hypericum, Vitamin E, Rosemary extract, Coconut oil, and other highly beneficial ingredients for your cats. 

Thanks to these carefully selected ingredients, Furbabies hemp salves manage to offer unique value beyond just regular hemp salves. Furbabies offer their hemp salves in an easy to store and carry tin can package. Each of this compact package contains 60ml worth of hemp salve. 

What can Furbabies hemp salves do for your cats?

Hemp salves from Furbabies can bring numerous health benefits to your cats. But in general, we can split its benefits into these four categories. 

Furbabies hemp salves for your cat’s joints problems

Hemp has natural anti-inflammatory properties inside it. That is what allows hemp-based products to help dealing with joint problems such as arthritis in cats. When you apply the salves into the problematic area, it will gradually lessen the pain and swelling. It will work even better if you give it in tandem with hemp oral drops such as hemp oil.

Furbabies hemp salves for your cat’s muscle problems

Hemp salves from Furbabies can also help with muscle problems. The most common muscle issue that may likely happen to your cats is pulled muscle. This can happen especially to hyperactive cats. An adequate amount of Furbabies hemp salves on the painful area can help ease up the muscle. 

Furbabies hemp salves for your cat’s skin problems

The next ailment that hemp salves can solve is skin problems. This is by far the most common ailment suffered by cats all over the world. Rashes, hot spots, rough skins, redness, itchy or flaking skins, and all other kinds of minor skin problems. All of them can be effectively treated by Furbabies hemp salves. To be clear, we can’t guarantee that every skin issue will be cured, but from what we have seen this salve is very effective at a wide range of skin related issues.

Furbabies hemp salves for you cat’s skin health

And finally, this one is the reason why you can use Furbabies hemp salves even when your cat is fine. As mentioned before, hemp salves from Furbabies contain lots of essential ingredients. Things like Vitamin E, Chamomile oil, Coconut oil, and several others are extremely good for skin health. A regular use of hemp salves on your cat will certainly boost your cat’s overall skin health.

What we really like about Furbabies Hemp salve

When looking and trying products we look at a couple things. Value, does it do it’s job, are there any issues when using it? The truth is that with Furbabies, as in most cases, they tick all those boxes easily. The nice thing about this salve is that it is sturdy enough to not be a goopy mess, but pliable enough to put on your cat, dog, or yourself without any issues. The salve can help with a lot of skin issues, and can be used in a lot of cases. If you have spoken with your vet about the skin issues and it isn’t something really serious there is a chance that this can really help you. If it is something serious , we suggest working with your vet to see the best course of action to fix the issue your cat is having.

Do we recommend Furbabies Hemp Salve for cats?

We’ve talked about all kinds of things regarding hemp salves, but should you get hemp salves especially from Furbabies? Well, here’s a couple of reasons why you should seriously consider getting Furbabies hemp salves for your cats. In all honesty, not only does it work for cats but it has been known ( and tested ) to help reduce skin irritation for cat owners. This doesn’t exclude us by any means 🙂

How does Furbabies compare to other Hemp salves?

There are numerous brands that offer hemp salves out there. And every single one of them claims to be the best. But you only need to see the blends of ingredients and the rave reviews to know that Furbabies is superior to the rest. When it comes to high-quality hemp salves, Furbabies is one of the best.  We have tried several products of theirs now and have come to expect the best from them. When you combine the quality of ingredients, how much our pets enjoy them, and the pricing right now we can’t find anyone that really offers a product that is close to theirs.

Hemp salves from Furbabies is a safer and healthier option

Continuing the topic of ingredients from the previous section, you may have noticed that Furbabies only use organic compounds. They also processed it using only the necessary chemicals. So you can be sure that Furbabies hemp salves are a way safer and healthier options than its prescribed counterparts. What this really means is that if there is a natural, and hemp based, option to help with skin issues it is a safe bet that Furbabies will be the product to help the best.

Furbabies Hemp salve pricing

And now we finally come to the matter of price tag. For 1 can of 60ml hemp salves from Furbabies, you only need to pay C$19.00 which translates into about US$15.00. That is a very affordable price. You can easily find hemp salves from other brands that can cost twice of that amount. You really got the best value for money with Furbabies. 

Final thoughts on hemp salves for cats from Furbabies

Hemp salves can bring lots of benefits for your cats. And when it comes to hemp-based products in Canada, Furbabies is one of the best. Not only does it contain some of the most essential ingredients for your cats, it is also a healthier option. And as if that’s not enough,

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