Furbabies Cat Oral Drops Review

Two bottles of Furbabies cat oil
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Introduction to Furbabies Cat drops

Furbabies is a company dedicated to providing all-natural and high-quality products for pets. They are based in Vancouver, Canada and are made of a team of veterinarians and pet care experts who are dedicated to providing the best for all pets including cats, bunnies, dogs, and horses. We review their Cat Oral drops in this article.

Furbabies Small Breed/Cat Oral Drops

The company offers cat drops which can also be used by other pets of similar size to them such as small dogs and rabbits. This is because their ingredients have the same effects for all of them. These can be bought in a 30 mL or 100 mg bottle. It has a dropper attached to it which you can administer orally.

The product is infused with either a natural or a bacon flavor to make it more delicious for your pet.

First impressions of Furbabies small breed oil

It comes in a bottle which specifies that it is for smaller breeds. It also comes with an appropriate dosage guide which can guide first time users. Its dropper is easy to use, and we found it easy to count the number of drops we gave our cat. It is important as many cats are not fond of having their mouths held open for a long time. Because of the flavor, they will not find the experience too bad.


When it comes to what we give to our pets, it is best to make sure that it is made from all-natural and human-grade ingredients. Furbabies has you covered because of their high-quality ingredients which are specified in the bottle and their website.

First, they use MCT oil which is made from coconut oil. MCT is known to be easily digestible for cats to have no side effects. Immediately the effect in their body is noticed because it goes straight to their liver. It also has a good shelf life of up to 2 years. There have been a lot of beneficial effects like reducing inflammation and allergy, improving appetite, and improving skin quality.

The main ingredient ( other than the MCT oil) is their special blend of all natural ingredients. With this blend they are able to put together a highly beneficial compound that can boost the functions of the endocannabinoid system. Through this, homeostasis is ensured in the body which is the condition where the different levels of chemicals are equalized. It’s also able to interact with the central nervous system to reduce the symptoms of anxiety. An additional benefit for your cat is that it can also lessen any pain that they feel as a result of arthritis. One of the final common issues it can cure is constant inflammation within your cat. It can lessen inflammation in their joints and make them regain their flexibility and activeness when they were young.

Its other benefits include reducing symptoms of allergy, improving their immune system, and protection from cancer and neurodegenerative disorders.

How is it given?

The oral drops’ dosage depends upon the weight of the cat. Generally, you can measure it by giving 0.2 mg for every kilogram of the cat. However, the exact dosage still depends on multiple factors which is why you should start with a small dosage which you can then increase with time in case its effects are still not seen in your cat.


·        Comes in two flavors: natural and bacon

·        Made from fully natural ingredients

·        Easy to give to cats

·        Safe and human-grade quality

· A great value, a little goes a long way


·        None


Furbabies’ Cat Oral drops come with its own dropper which you can administer orally to your cat. To make it more manageable to regularly give, it comes with two choices of flavor including natural and bacon. It can also be given to smaller breeds of dogs and small pets like bunnies. It is made from all-natural ingredients and from various plants like hemp, rosemary, and black pepper which gives its beneficial effects.

The Furbabies Cat Oral Drops are highly beneficial for cats because of its cannabimimetic contents that stimulate the endocannabinoid system, relieving them from pain, boosting their immune system, and more. It is highly effective and easy to administer.

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