Easiest ways of giving cbd oil to cats

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When scientists finally found the method to reliably extract the CBD out of the hemp and when the US Federal government finally legalized the use of CBD are the two most pivotal times in the development of CBD. Thanks to those two events, numerous manufacturers were finally able to create products based on the CBD.

When extracted from the hemp, CBD comes in the form of CBD oil. Different manufacturers would then process it further until we got all of the products that we could easily find right now. But although they are based on the same thing, the way to give it to your cats are different. Read on to find out more about it.

Ways to give different CBD products to cats

1. CBD oil

Different CBD products in the market right now are basically a derivative of the original CBD oil. You simply have more options regarding the delivery method of the CBD now. However, CBD oil is still the preferred option for most pet owners.

The reason is because of how easy it is to manage the dosage. To use CBD oil, all you need to do is use the dropper to get some oil from the bottle and then drop it into the mouth of your cat. You can control the dose based on how many drops of CBD you give to your cats.

2. CBD foods

CBD foods are no different than the regular cat foods other than the fact that there’s CBD inside. So just like the usual cat foods, CBD foods also come in various shapes and flavors. But if you don’t like pre-package foods for your cats, then you can make the foods yourself.

There are countless recipes for healthy cat food that you can find on the internet. And whatever recipe that you want to use, all you need to do is drop the CBD oil into the food and then mix it well. And you got yourself a homemade CBD cat food.

3. CBD treats

CBD treats and CBD foods are a form of edible CBD and they both come in different flavors and filled with various nutritional value. And just like with the CBD foods, you can also buy packaged CBD treats or you can make one yourself.

If you want to make your own CBD treats for your cat, there are numerous recipes online that you can follow. You just need to make sure to add the CBD oil after you’re done with the treats based on the dosages needed by your cats.

4. CBD cream

If you’re interested in getting a CBD cream for your cats, it is better to buy one from a reputable brand. There are ways for you to make one yourself, but it is highly advisable to get something that has been properly made and tested by professionals instead.

CBD cream was made to treat external problems related to the muscle, joints, and skins. For more variety, there are also CBD creams out there that have additional properties inside. Some will give a cool sensation when applied, while others could improve the health of the skin.

5. CBD spray

If you feel that giving CBD oil through the dropper to your cat is quite difficult, then you should use a CBD spray instead. It is identical with the regular CBD oil in every way but it just has a spray nozzle on top. With the nozzle equipped you can now simply spray the CBD oil into your cat’s mouth.

But what if you want to treat some external problems like sprained or pulled muscle but you don’t want to get a dedicated CBD cream? Well, you could also use the CBD spray for that. Simply spray the CBD on to the problematic area as much as needed.


The advancement in technology and the changes in regulations allowed manufacturers to create various products based on the CBD oil. You can still use the dropper as usual, but you can also put it into your cat’s food, or use a spray nozzle for extra versatility. All based on your needs and preferences. We have done a full research article on the benefits of CBD products for cats, so take a read if you’d like more information as there is lots there!

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