Does CBD oil calm cats?

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Anxiety is not common to humans. They can also be experienced by our pets, especially our cats. It is a feeling of always being unnerved and anticipating future threats. While it is normal for them, some may be more anxious than others which causes unruly behavior such as:


Being unfriendly to other cats

Being easily startled with loud noises

Have irregular sleep schedules

It is hard to see our cats suffer from this as their true personality will be held back by their fears. In the worst cases, some may even completely give up on their feline pets because of this issue. Issues with anxiety can make it hard for cats to adjust to a new home, be introduced to fellow pets in the house, and be familiar with a new member of the house. There are so many benefits of using CBD on cats, and they far outweigh the risks.

Using CBD for cats’ anxiety

CBD or cannabidiol is a popular supplement given to anxious cats. It is a natural compound found in the hemp plant and extracted for its calming effects. It is also mixed with hemp terpenes, rosemary, black pepper, and other ingredients to make it more beneficial for them.

Does CBD cause cats to be high?

CBD is not psychoactive which makes it safe for cat consumption. The key difference of CBD from cannabis products for recreation is that it has low contents of THC (lower than 0.3%). Through this, the cat will not experience dizziness, confusion, or being “high” when taken, which are usually caused by THC.

How does CBD affect the cat’s body?

CBD is a form of cannabinoid which are compounds that boost the endocannabinoid system. The latter is a part of the body that is found in many mammals and is responsible for homeostasis in the body. Through this, bodily functions are maintained which improves the overall health of the cat.

The endocannabinoid system can send receptors to the nervous system of the cat. This interaction can help in lessening the symptoms of anxiety and makes them less easily startled.

Will CBD make my cat different?

Because anxiety can sometimes be attributed as the main personality of a cat, some may be discouraged to use it in fear of making their cat “different”. However, keep in mind that constant anxiety is not normal for cats especially if there are no dangers in their immediate surroundings.

In fact, the opposite will happen as CBD can help let your cat’s actual personality shine through. Many owners report that cats become friendlier and cuddlier after being given the compound.

The other benefits of CBD

Cats can also have other discomforts that can be solved by taking CBD.

First, CBD can help relieve them from pains brought by chronic conditions such as arthritis and neurodegenerative disorders which causes their muscles and joints to be easily swollen. This is seen in older cats. This usually causes them to lack energy, sleep more, and gain weight. With CBD, their sensitivity to pain will be lessened which makes them more relaxed and can even encourage them to move more.

CBD has also been seen to lessen the occurrence and intensity of epileptic seizures. Through this, their attacks characterized by unconsciousness, uncontrollable twitching, and seizures will be lessened.

Because of these, CBD is recommended for all cats.

How do you give CBD to cats?

CBD can be given in two forms if you want to lessen anxiety for cats.

The first one is CBD oil which comes in a bottle that has its own dropper. Through this, you can measure the dose and drop its contents directly on their mouth. Some also rub it in their gums or mix it with their food instead.

The second form is CBD treats which come in many forms like cookies and food toppers. These are mixed with CBD oil and a natural flavor such as beef or chicken to make it appealing for cats. These are much preferred by many cats because of their flavor.

As with any supplement, the amount of CBD you give should be controlled. This is based on their weight. Because companies vary in the exact blend of their products, it is best to refer to the instructions written in the packaging to be sure about how much you will give to them.


CBD has both anecdotal and scientific evidence which point out to its effectiveness in treating cat anxiety. Aside from this, it can also help in lessening their sensitivity to pain and seizures. It can be given in both oil or pet treat form.

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