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As CBD-based products get more and more popular, the number of new brands that offer CBD products is also increasing. While more options is generally a good thing, too many of it can be quite overwhelming for the customer. That’s why reviews on individual brands like this can certainly help potential customers. 

One of the CBD brands that has been getting a lot of attention in Canada lately is CBD Magic. They offer a plethora of CBD-based products for their customers. CBD Magic has products both for humans and for pets as well. So is CBD Magic a good choice for your cats?

We’ll talk about all the things that you need to know about CBD oil from CBD Magic. Including what it can do for your cats and other aspects of the product.  

Who is CBD Magic

As mentioned briefly before, CBD Magic is a company that is based in Canada, located in Ontario. They specialize in creating CBD-based products for both humans and animals. They have been around for quite some time and have garnered a sizable amount of loyal customers with a pretty big online presence.

One of the signature products from CBD Magic is their line of water-soluble CBD. This is a powdered pure isolate CBD that you can put into a glass of water. This method increases the speed of which the CBD takes effect on the body. They also offer water-soluble CBD in a gel capsule form. 

CBD Magic is doing business as CBD Magic Inc, and is part of a parent company called Zen Leafs Ltd. Zen Leafs Ltd. is one of the largest Cannabinoids dispensaries in the USA that has branches all over the states. That being said, CBD Magic itself is still a Canadian company that focuses on doing business in Canada. 

Right now if you are trying to order CBD Magic from the USA you are a bit out of luck. CBD Magic advises on their website that they only receive and send orders from customers in Canada. One of the bonuses of this is that if you live in Canada you are in luck. As they offer quick and free shipping on all orders. The only down side is that if you want to visit their storefront in Ontario, unfortunately you won’t be able to. Because for now, they are doing their business solely through their online store.  This isn’t a huge drawback as many CBD companies only do sales online, it is just something we wish we could do!

What you need to know about CBD Magic and their products for your cat

CBD oil is definitely the flagship line of products from CBD Magic. There are so many options that you can choose from in their official catalog. Unfortunately, most of them are for human-use only. As for cats and dogs, there are four options that you can choose from. They sell it under the CBD2Heal brand.

All of them are CBD oil tincture, but the first three are divided based on the size of your cats. For small breeds, there’s the 150mg CBD oil while the medium breed can use the 250mg one. There’s also the 500mg one for large breeds, but it is obviously more for dogs, rather than cats. 

The fourth CBD oil tincture that you can choose is the special full spectrum one. It comes in a 500mg bottle and has a vegan bacon flavor, just like the rest of CBD oil for pets. But another thing that is worth mentioning is the payment option. 

CBD Magic pricing

The one thing that did stand out for us is that the product does come at a pretty high price. They do talk about coupons on the page, but if you compare their CBD per mg price to competitors you will see that at full price they are somewhat expensive. Not a huge amount more, but when we compare to similar products we do see that on the best value ones we have reviewed they are around 20% more. This price can come down with coupons and the recurring shipment option, so not a huge deal overall.

CBD Magic free shipping and auto ship option

With CBD Magic, you can pay the full price per transaction just like with any other seller. Or you can take advantage of the monthly subscription option that has a 20% discounted price. This option makes sure you get your CBD oil of choice every month until you decide to stop the subscription.

CBD Magic vegan option

One of the interesting things we see in the CBD space is the move to vegan flavoring. While it doesn’t mean a lot to your cat or dog, the truth is that it isn’t for them. It is most likely for you, because without any meat by products the chance of it going bad is lessened. There is less of a need for refrigeration and transport spoilage is not really something that needs to be worried about. They do say that it is a new and improved flavor which we haven’t tried out yet.

What CBD oil from CBD Magic can do for your cats?

Relieving the anxiety on your cats

The main benefits that your cats can enjoy through CBD oil from CBD Magic is to help relieve their anxiety. It doesn’t matter what makes them feel anxious in the first place. A couple drops of CBD oil should be able to calm them down.

Help with the treatment epilepsy in cats

Epilepsy is a disease that is caused by a problem within the nervous system. CBD has the ability to affect the nervous system through its connection with the endocannabinoid system. That is why CBD can tremendously help with the treatment of epilepsy on cats. It may not be able to cure your cats from epilepsy, but it can tremendously halt its progression. 

Reducing the physical pain your cat is feeling

Another interesting thing that CBD can do thanks to its ability to affect the nervous system is reducing pain. If your cats suffer from any kind of physical pain, CBD can reduce that pain significantly. Whether it’s due to injury or chronic illness, CBD can help ease the pain.

Other health benefits from CBD Magic pet oil

There are also other health benefits that your cats can get beyond what has been mentioned above. Some have to do with a serious illness such as arthritis. While others are more about appearance such as stimulating healthy hair growth. New research will surely unpack new benefits from CBD oil in the future. 

Final thought on CBD Magic

CBD Magic offers a solid high quality CBD oil for your cats and provides numerous health benefits for them. Although the selection is quite limited, the free shipping and flexible payment options certainly increase its overall value. Hopefully CBD Magic can offer worldwide shipping in the future.

One of the nicest things we found about them was the fact that they will automatically send out your subscription for you. While this is not new, most places don’t give you a 20% discount on the price. Although you can’t use any coupons with it, there is still value getting what you need without needing to order every month.

The only drawbacks that we had with CBD Magic was that it just doesn’t have enough options. While the levels of CBD and products they offer for cats and pets is enough, it just doesn’t cover as many bases as other companies offers. Maybe in the future they will add more choices for customers needing a bit more options. This could because it seems like their focus is on human cbd products and they have added some pet ones, while other companies specialize in CBD for cats and other pets.

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