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Introduction to CBD products for cats

CBD has been proven scientifically to be able to provide so many health benefits both for pets and humans alike. Not only that, the accounts from pet owners that have been using CBD on their pets are also overwhelmingly positive.

And as the demands from the customers grow, so does the amount of variety in CBD products. New ones are being introduced to tackle certain needs and problems of the customers. While it is good news for experienced users, new users might find it a bit confusing.

Out of so many different choices, which one is the best CBD product for your cats? Do they all have the same strength? Is there any difference between CBD from one brand to the next? You’ll find the answers to those questions here.

What kind of CBD products can you give to your cats?

Generally speaking, there are five different CBD products for cats that you can find across different brands. There are certainly other CBD products for cats out there. But these five represent some of the most common CBD products that you can easily buy right now.

CBD oil. Out of all the other products in this list, CBD oil is certainly the most commonly used one. CBD oil is often sold in a small bottle with a dropper inside. To use it, you only need to put a few drops of CBD oil into your cat’s mouth through the dropper.

CBD foods. CBD foods offer the complete package for your cat. It allows your cat to get the necessary nutrients from the treats and the benefits of CBD at the same time. And not only that, it also usually has different flavors that your cat will certainly like.

CBD treats. CBD treats are similar to CBD foods. But if the former is for a full meal, the latter is a snack. But make no mistake, CBD treats are still packed with lots of essential nutrients. Not only that, the CBD inside each treat is also quite dense.

CBD salves. Unlike other CBD products in this list that are mostly administered orally, CBD salves is a topical medicine. Think of it like a cream or an ointment with CBD inside. CBD salves are especially useful to deal with rashes, bumps, and even sprained ankles.

CBD spray. This one is actually just a more versatile CBD oil. Because CBD spray is actually just CBD oil but with a spray nozzle on top. But this tiny change transforms the way you use it tremendously. It makes it easier to put the CBD into your cat’s mouth. And you can also use it topically by just spray it to the problematic parts.

Does every CBD product have the same level of strength?

The answer is a no as there are levels to most CBD product lines. When people talk about the strength of a CBD, what they are referring to is the potency. Even within the same line CBD of products, there exist different levels of potency. But what you must keep in mind is the strongest one is not always the right answer for your cats. Depending on their condition, there are appropriate times to use any one of them.

The most potent CBD is called the Full spectrum CBD. The reason why it is the strongest is because it emulates the condition of hemp in nature. This means Full spectrum CBD has every cannabinoid from a hemp inside it. Which does include THC in almost all cases.

The second type of CBD is called the broad spectrum CBD. When it comes to the potency, this is the second strongest one. It has CBD and other minor cannabinoids, but without THC. Last but not least is the Isolate CBD. As the name suggests, this one is just pure CBD without any other cannabinoids inside.

One thing to keep in mind is that although we say the most potent is Full Spectrum versus Isolate that is based on 1mg of each. Generally people and pets feel more from a full spectrum as it has the entourage effect. This basically means that the other chemicals work together to enhance the ability of the CBD. While isolate will only have a refined CBD product in it. Thus, you might feel more , or get more relief , if you use a full or broad spectrum instead of a cbd isolate. But the one thing to think about as well is the mg level. This is the amount of CBD in the registered unit, whether it is a cookie, oil, or food. The higher the MG the more CBD there is in it.

Is there any health risk involved in giving CBD to your cats?

No, there is no risk whatsoever in giving CBD to your cats when using common sense. You can give however much CBD you want to your cats and they will be fine, as long as it is within the suggested dosages from the manufacturer. There’s not even a risk of overdose when it comes to CBD. On the contrary, your cats will be much healthier if they use CBD.

But that doesn’t mean you can be reckless and give the CBD to your cats without a care in the world. For maximum results, you should carefully calculate how much CBD to give per serving. Not only that, how often you give the CBD is also a crucial matter. So be sure to talk to your trusted vets to get appropriate guidelines about this.

Is there any difference between CBD from one brand to the next?

Yes, absolutely. There is a huge difference between CBD products from one brand to the next. Even within the same line of products, there will be some differences from one brand to the next. And these differences are what eventually decide which one has the more superior products.

Take CBD oil for example. Manufacturers often add other compounds into the CBD oil in order to enhance its effects. Each brand has their own unique list of ingredients. And even if two brands somehow use the same ingredients, how they blend it will be different. That difference in blend will greatly affect the quality of the final products. So really what you need to do is to find out the best CBD oil for your cats, and here we love Furbabies so would suggest looking at them first. But if you find another product that works better , let us know and we would love to test it out!

What are the best CBD products for your cats?

Hopefully you’ll now have a clearer idea on everything about CBD products for cats. Therefore, it is time to decide which one you should give to your cats. Different ailments require different combinations of products. So make sure to get one that can fulfill your cat’s particular needs.

But if all you want is simply an improvement to their overall health, then Broad spectrum CBD oil should be sufficient. You can talk to your vets about the proper dose per serving for your cats. But if you want to start giving them CBD right away, make sure to start with a small dosage.

Final thought on CBD products for cats

Products based on CBD are an essential addition to your cat’s life if they are suffering. It can treat all kinds of ailments and it can also improve their overall quality of life. That is why there are so many different CBD products out there.

If you’re a new user, then all of those different options might startle you. But if you read this article from start to finish, then you should have a better understanding about this matter.

Not only are there so many different kinds of CBD products to choose from, the strength of each product is also different. This allows you to find the best combination based on your cat’s unique needs and preferences. But if you simply want to give CBD a try, then you won’t go wrong with broad spectrum CBD oil.

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