Can you use hemp oil for cats and what are its benefits?

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As pet owners, we must always look for ways to improve our cat’s health. After all, they are creatures which do not show pain unless it becomes unbearable. This is a product of years of evolution which trained them to always hide pain as to avoid becoming prey. With a health booster, we can ensure that they are always at peak shape even without symptoms. For clarity, when we say hemp oil we want to ensure that there is no confusion. Generally, oil is from squeezed seeds which release the oil. Hemp oil, for pets and tinctures are usually derived from the leaves, flowers, and stalks of the hemp plant. CBD is generally derived from Hemp due to its low THC content, which cats don’t like. THC isn’t good for pets as it can cause confusion, drowsiness, and other issues. It is also important to note that there are other plants that do contain CBD. So not all CBD oil is Hemp oil, but if you really get down to it there is a different name for those. We will cover those at a later time.

What is Hemp oil?

Hemp oil is one of the most recommended health boosting products in the market. Also known as CBD, it has been the trend for many pet owners because of its effectiveness and minimal side effects. Perhaps you have already heard about it from a friend, read it in a pet blog, and even heard about famous celebrities advocating its use.

This is derived from the hemp plant which is a form of cannabis. The compound called CBD or cannabidiol is extracted as it is known to be beneficial for humans and pets, including cats. It has been known to have the following effects:

·Eases anxiety – Cats are naturally anxious creatures, a trait which seems to be left over from their behavior in the wild. Because of this, they are easily wary of strangers and quickly react to loud noises. Within days of taking CBD, pet owners have observed their cats to be calmer, more relaxed, and even friendlier.

·Soothe chronic pain – As mentioned, cats do not really show it when they are in pain. While some become more vocal when sick, most of them simply become lethargic. This can be a symptom of a disease that causes chronic pain such as arthritis which is common for older cats. CBD effects can directly interact with their nervous system to reduce symptoms like this.

·Boost their health – CBD can naturally improve the homeostasis of the cat’s body. Because of this, they can have an overall health boost. This includes having better appetite, having a better sleep cycle, and avoiding diseases in the future.

How do I give hemp oil to my cat?

 The most popular form of hemp oil for cats is administered orally. This comes with a dropper with which you can measure the dosage for the cat. The number of drops to be given depends upon the exact formulation of the one you will purchase which is different for every brand. Usually, this is within the range of 1 to 3 drops per day.

To be sure about dosage, thoroughly read the instructions written in the packaging. You can also manually observe the effects on your cat to determine if they may need more of it.

In case your cat dislikes being fed with a dropper, you may have to look for an alternative way of giving it. One is to mix it with their food, although this may lead to them not receiving the full dose. There are also some that are administered by being rubbed in their skin, particularly in the inside of their ears which has the least amount of fur.


Hemp oil has a lot of benefits for cats including relief from anxiety and chronic pain. Its effects can be seen within days of usage. Its most common form is the oral drop which can be administered with the use of a dropper. Dosage is different for different brands which is why users are advised to thoroughly read the instructions provided in the packaging.

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