Can my cat have human CBD ?

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Introduction to CBD for cats

Cannabis is no longer a taboo product. It is now well-researched and the results of countless journals and medical journals prove that it has healing, anti-anxiety, and pain relieving properties. Because of this it is less regulated. Some products can even be bought over the counter which shows how safe and reliable the product is. It is allowed by the US Food and Drug Administration and can be bought in various forms such as oil, gummies, and more. The product is safe for humans and can also be given to pets and can keep them comfortable and active.

In this write up we will talk about what CBD is, what THC is, and what they can do for cats. We also cover if it is good to give your cat CBD oil meant for humans, or visa versa.

Can your cat use human CBD?

While it might make sense that CBD can be used by wherever wants to use it, the truth is that there are blends and additives that make it work better for cats, dogs, and humans. Just as cats can eat human food, and humans can eat cat food it is possible. But being able to do something, doesn’t mean it is a good idea. To get the most out of CBD and related products, it is best to get the right blend for the specific type of body that is going to be using it.

So yes, you should be able to use human cbd for cats. However, you will want to check the ingredients because there is a chance the flavorings or other additives might cause issue with your cats. So to be safe, each species should use their own CBD products. This is the same as hemp oil, so if you are sitting there wondering if you can give human hemp oil to your cats, just think about eating their treats. That should sort it out pretty quickly 🙂

What is the difference between THC and CBD?

When talking about cannabis, two names are often included in the conversation: THC and CBD. CBD stands for cannabidiol while THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. The two have similar chemical structures but work differently.

THC and CBD differences

THC is more psychoactive and is generally used for recreational purposes. This is because it gives the feeling of being “high” which gives euphoria. While both are used for medicinal purposes, THC is generally less encouraged to be used as it has stronger side effects such as dizziness, nausea, weight changes, and more.

CBD, on the other hand, generally has milder side effects. It is only slightly psychoactive and is generally only used to lessen mental and physical symptoms. This is why most people will look for cbm, cbd or other variants that include hemp for their cats.

THC can also be toxic to pets when given in high dosages. Knowing how hard it is to give the perfect amount to pets, veterinarians generally discourage giving this, and instead prefer the use of CBD. It is much easier to maintain and safer to use. On top of the CBD still gives all the benefits that you may get from cannabis.

What are the benefits of CBD for your pet?

CBD has a lot of benefits for your pet. Just like how it works for humans, CBD can help minimize a lot of health issues and minimize the discomfort that they feel. These are clinically proven and are thoroughly researched.

CBD for your cats anxiety

One of its main usages is to minimize the anxiety felt by cats. These can be from various sources such as anxiety brought by separation from their owners, stress brought by situations such as parties with fireworks and storms, and meeting strangers and new pets. This can help avoid having a panic attack and can help them be more relaxed, friendlier, and calm.

CBD for cats with seizures

Next, it can also be used to treat epilepsy. Epilepsy mainly comes from too many brain signals which can then cause involuntary body movement. While it is not harmful if managed properly, having a remedy can still make things easier. While CBD is not a direct medicine, it can greatly help with lessening its severity and making them feel better from an attack. So if your cat is having seizures, cbd could help for sure.

Protecting your cats nervous system

The nervous system involves both the cerebral and spinal system and is responsible for sensations. Neurodegenerative brought by genetics, environment, and old age can cause chronic pain for cats, making every step hard for them. CBD can be used to lessen the chances of having diseases in the nervous system, enable regular growth of nerve cells, and generally improve their nervous health.

Remedy for pain in your cats

As mentioned above, CBD can greatly help with avoiding nerve problems that cause chronic pain. However, they can also be used as pain relievers in case the pet is undergoing cancer treatments or just had a surgery and is in pain. CBD is great for lessening pain caused by oxidative stress, neuropathy, lessens inflammation, and generally ensures that they will be free from painful physical conditions.

Good for their digestive system

CBD can help relieve the symptoms of IBS or inflammatory bowel syndrome. It promotes healthy motility and also has antibiotic properties that can help digest and break down foods. It also has good anti-inflammatory properties that can generally improve gut health. Taking too much of the product, though, might cause it to become worse.

How can you give cbd to your cat?

The most common form of CBD is through oil which has a mini dropper on it to make it easier to administer. Dosage is determined by the number of drops you will give. They also come in the form of treats and gummies that are given a natural flavor to make it more enticing for pets. There are also creams and pills

Before giving to cats, owners must read the guide that determines how much to give based on the size of their pet. It is generally advised for dogs, cats, and horses, but can also be used for other pets with proper dosage.

What are the side effects of CBD for your cat?

CBD does not have many side effects. The worst are only experienced if you give too much of it. Included in its side effects are dizziness and bowel irritation for cats. It is not lethal even at high dosages. To ensure that your pet is not allergic to it, it is best to consult a veterinarian first before administering it. We always suggest starting on the smaller side of a suggested daily amount, and work on from there.

Should you give it to your cats?

In case your cat is suffering from any of the issues listed above, giving it to them may be advisable. It is also good for cats who have started to become less energetic and less sociable which might be a sign of hormone imbalance or chronic pain. After receiving CBD, cats can generally be much more energetic and back to their youthful selves.


CBD is more advised than THC. This is because it does not have its psychoactive components and is generally not toxic for pets. CBD comes in various forms such as oil, treats, creams, and pills. It is advised to be used by all pets who are experiencing various mental and physical symptoms. CBD is safe for cats to use and has almost no side effects when used properly. So if your cat is having issues, it might be worthwhile to check it out to see if it helps them.

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