Can CBD oil help cats with arthritis ?

time for a stretch
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While every cat looks forward to a big stretch ( like the picture above shows). The sad truth is that sometimes it can hurt to stretch or even move. This is often the case when cats get arthritis. Though it may not be as life-threatening as other illnesses, like cancer for example, it is still a very difficult illness to live with. Don’t worry though as we will take a look at how CBD can help cats with arthritis .

Arthritis would prevent your cat from doing even the simplest thing, such as getting up and walking. It would even make moving their limbs excruciatingly painful. Leave it alone, and your cat won’t be able to do anything but lay there all day.

There are different kinds of prescribed medicines that were created to deal with this issue, but almost every single one of them have side effects of some kind that your aging cat might not be strong enough to handle. And that’s where CBD comes in.

Can cbd oil help cats with arthritis?

Yes, CBD can certainly help cats that suffer from arthritis. But before we go even further, let’s clear up some of the facts first. As mentioned earlier, arthritis may not be a critical illness, such as cancer or tumor, but it can still bring great pain to your cats.

Not only that it makes them unable to move freely as they used to, but they will also have to live with incredible pain whenever they try to move their limbs. And unfortunately, Arthritis in cats is not something that could easily be healed, not even with CBD. Once the arthritis gets to your cats, it is nearly impossible for them to get back to the times before it happens.

But that doesn’t mean you should give up and let them suffer. You should do everything within your capabilities to help your cats. And one of the best ways to do that is by using CBD. The next section would explain what kind of help that you can expect from CBD.

What can CBD do to help cats?

While CBD may not be able to heal the arthritis in your cats, there are several things that it could do that would greatly help your cat. The first thing it could do is halting the progression of arthritis. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties inside it and that makes it a great treatment method for arthritis.

The next thing that CBD could do is significantly reduce the pain that your cats feel because of the arthritis. When consumed, CBD gains access to the pain management part of your cat’s brain and it makes CBD work great as a painkiller.

CBD could also help calming your cats down so that he could feel relaxed despite their uncomfortable condition. This is mainly due to CBD effects as an anti-anxiety solution. And last but not least, CBD can improve the overall health of your cat as well.

What type of CBD would be best for cats arthritis

There are lots of different kinds of CBD that you can find out there. Each and every single one of them claims to be the best solution for your cat. But for cats and arthritis, there are three types of CBD that you want to focus your attention to.

CBD oil for cats

CBD oil is the most preferred form of CBD to many pet owners. The reason is simply because it is so easy to use and easy to dose correctly. All you need to do is give a few drops of CBD oil into your cat’s mouth and you’re done.

CBD treats for cats

CBD treats have the advantage of having lots of nutrients other than just the CBD. But since it has to go through your cat’s digestive system first, it may take a while for the effect of the CBD to kick in. Expect something from 30 minutes to one hour of waiting time.

CBD salves for arthritis in cats

CBD salves, also known as CBD cream or ointment from certain brands, is a CBD that could only be used externally. To use it, simply take the cream with your fingers as needed and then apply it to the area with arthritis, usually the joints on your cat’s legs. The benefit to this type of application is you can spot apply for more direct treatment. If you know there is pain in specific joints this allows you to treat it exactly where it is causing pain.

Should you worry about giving your cat cbd?

If you worry about whether or not CBD is safe to give to your cat, then don’t be. Because CBD has been proven to be extremely safe for cats, and other animals for that matter. You can give CBD to your cat as much as you want and as often as you want, and there won’t be any bad effect on their health.

That being said, experts advise everybody that wishes to use CBD for themselves or their pets to follow the proper dosage and schedule. That is in order to gain the maximum benefits out of the CBD. So be sure to talk to your vet to know what is the appropriate dosage and schedule for your cat.

Final thoughts on using CBD for cats arthritis

Arthritis may not be a death sentence to your cat, but it would certainly put them into the path of extreme difficulties and pain. CBD is one of the natural compounds that could help your cat deal with muscle and joint pain. Both in reducing the progress of the illness and also lowering the pain significantly. There are different kinds of CBD that you can choose from, so be sure to consult your vets before rushing to give CBD to your cats.

At the end of the day we want our cats to be happy, as that makes everyone else happy. While CBD might not work for your cats pains, there is a chance that it will. CBD is easy on cats’ bodies so trying it out comes with very little downside risk, with a lot of potential benefits. The risk versus reward equation has to be done on your side, but since we have done it there have been huge improvements as far as quality of life goes.

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