Can CBD oil help cats with arthritis?

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Introduction to using CBD for cats with arthritis

CBD offers numerous health benefits for you and your beloved cats. It works especially great for illnesses related to the brain and nervous system, such as anxiety, panic attacks, seizures, and many others. But CBD’s ability is not limited to only that area. It’s benefits could be felt in other parts of the body as well.

As a cat owner, you should know that one of the diseases that would be excruciatingly painful for your cat to experience is arthritis. There are lots of different things that could cause this illness. From genetics, to accidents, to being overweight, or even something as simple as getting old.

Arthritis would slowly but surely incapacitated your cats until they can no longer move any of their limbs. Since CBD boasts a very wide array of health benefits, is it possible for it to also help your cat with arthritis as well? Read on to find the answer to this question.

Can cbd oil help cats with arthritis?

The answer to the question of whether or not CBD can help with the arthritis on your cat is a resounding yes. CBD not only specializes in the mind, but it could also help with problems in other parts of the body, especially regarding the muscle, joints, and the skins, and that of course include arthritis.

But please keep in mind that arthritis in a cat is not a disease that could be totally cured. Because the absence of the joint fluids and cartilage is not something that could easily be replaced with some new ones. Unless a new and advanced medical solution is found, there’s little you can do to heal your cat.

At this point, most experts agree that the best thing that you can do is to help your cats live as comfortably as they can. That’s why it is imperative for you as the cat owner to always be vigilant and notice every little change in your cat’s behaviour. Because the sooner you see the symptoms of arthritis, the better you’ll be able to help them.

How CBD oil help your cats with arthritis

When it comes to making your cat live as comfortably as they can even with arthritis in their body, CBD is one of the only compounds that could achieve such a feat. It would be hard for you to find any prescribed medicines that could do a better job than CBD in that regard.

The reason for that is simply because CBD could help your cat in various different aspects of their body all at the same time. For starters, because of its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can help hinder the progression of arthritis.

Its effect on the nervous system makes it possible for CBD to significantly reduce the pain experienced by your cats. Not only that, CBD could also calm them down at the same time. And while all of that is happening, CBD would also improve the overall health of your cats.

Is there any risk when using CBD for arthritis?

No, there’s no adverse risk to your cats’ health when you give them CBD. CBD is an organic compound that is perfectly safe to consume. There’s not even any risk of overdose if you accidentally give your cats too much CBD.

On the contrary, since CBD could provide all kinds of benefits that work together at the same time. Using CBD is arguably better and safer for your cats compared to not using it at all. Especially if your cats suffer from arthritis. This is because CBD can protect them from having to feel such an intense pain from the disease. This pain can cause a negative impact on not only their body but their mind as well.

That being said, not every CBD is created the same way. There’s a type of CBD product called full-spectrum CBD. Thanks to the THC mixed inside it, full-spectrum CBD could provide a higher level of potency than any other type of CBD. But you should be careful when using it not to overdo the dosages. This is because there’s a risk of THC poisoning to your cats once the THC starts to build up. However, most CBD oils have very low amounts of THC so it’s not something that happens easily.

What are the options of CBD for cats with arthritis?

CBD oil. CBD oil is the most common CBD-based product that you can easily find in the market right now. This is also the kind of CBD that most pet owners prefer. That’s because it’s easy to give CBD oil to your cats and the effects could also be seen rather quickly.

CBD cat treats. A reason why pet owners like CBD treats for cats is because of its combination of CBD and nutritional value. Not to mention it also comes in various shapes and tastes that your cats would certainly enjoy. But it usually takes quite some time for the effect to kick in.

CBD salves. Unlike the previous two kinds of CBDs, CBD salves are mainly used for external purposes. The way to use it is similar to other cream or ointment products. Take the amount that you need and apply it to the painful spots.


Other than on the brain, the health benefits of CBD also extends to the muscle, joints, and skins. That’s why CBD is the perfect solution for joint problems such as arthritis. Though CBD may not be able to fully cure your cat of the arthritis, using it would certainly make their everyday life much more comfortable.

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