Can CBD help cats who have seizures?

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Introduction to helping cats who have seizures with CBD

When it comes to boosting our cat’s health, many would agree that going all-natural is most preferable. After all, nature has a lot to offer on its own if we utilize it properly. One of the recently popular products is CBD which is a natural compound harvested from hemp. CBD is effective, safe, and natural which is why many use it for their cats.

One of the best benefits of CBD for cats is its versatility. It is a wonderful supplement because of its multiple benefits, from treating anxiety, muscle swelling, sleep problems, and more. Also included in CBD’s major benefits is treating the symptom of seizures in cats. If this is one of the problems experienced by your feline companion, read more about how CBD works for helping them get less of its symptoms.

What is CBD?

Before going to its benefits, we should know what CBD is first and what it can do for cats.

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is one of many cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. CBD stands out from the rest because it is safe yet effective for treating various illnesses. This cannabinoid stimulates the endocannabinoid system, a part of the body responsible for the regulation of mood, appetite, pain levels and more. Shortened as ECS, this is found in cats, dogs, humans, and other mammals.

Even though hemp is a form of cannabis, it does not cause your cat to become high. After all, its THC content is lower than 0.3%. Canadian companies are also regulated to ensure that CBD for cats follow this rule to make it safe for our pets’ consumption.

This CBD is then mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut, MCT, or hemp seed to make it easier to digest for your cat.

CBD for cats with epilepsy

 Cats with epilepsy occasionally experience seizures when triggered by exhaustion, heat, and other factors. This happens when their brain can no longer handle high levels of electrochemical activity. These seizures can result in a loss of consciousness, loss of body control, and seizures. While it is not lethal, it can still be exhausting for the pet and scary for us owners.

CBD has been seen to be an excellent anticonvulsant for pets. It can lessen the frequency and intensity of the seizures. By regularly giving them CBD, their epileptic episodes can become more manageable.

Other benefits of CBD

CBD oil functions as an overall health booster for your cat. It can be used either as a temporary fix or as a long-term supplement depending on your cat’s needs.

The following benefits are both supported by cat owner’s testimonies and scientific research.

CBD for arthritis

As cat owners know, cats are naturally agile and nimble creatures when they are at peak health. This is why those who have been diagnosed with arthritis greatly suffer as the disease causes them to feel pain with every step they take. This disease reduces the cushion in between their bones, causing them to rub with each other when moving.

CBD has been seen to be excellent for arthritis for two reasons. First, it lessens the inflammation in their joints. This leads to a decrease in the rate of its degeneration. Next, CBD also lessens their sensitivity to pain. This does wonders for cats as it allows them to be active again. Many owners report that their cats return to their youthful selves upon regularly receiving CBD for their arthritis .

CBD for cat anxiety

TCBD is also excellent for making cats more relaxed and at ease. Through this, they become calm even with the presence of a new pet, loud noises, or if they are separated from their owner. So if you have a cat that is a ball of nerves, maybe a test run with CBD could calm them down.

How much CBD should I give?

As with anything, CBD should be given in moderation to ensure that your desired benefits will be received. The good news is that CBD only has very mild adverse effects such as nausea and lethargy which only happens under very high dosages. The reason why we should be mindful of how much we give is to ensure that the symptom you are trying to treat will be effectively affected. Usually, cats with seizures and a heavier weight may need a higher dose.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all rule for dosing CBD. This is because brands use different ingredients, blends, and extraction methods for its content. Some may be more potent than others. Because of this, we advise you to look for the following important factors:

A blend that is specifically made for cats

One that is positively reviewed by owners of cats with seizures

One that has certifications of good manufacturing

One that provides instructions in properly dosing the oil

Conclusion to CBD for cats with seizures

As stated, CBD is excellent for cats with seizures as it is an anticonvulsant. CBD is recommendable as a supplement because it does not have major side effects and it is all-natural. We recommend you consult with your veterinarian in case your cat is currently receiving medicine for seizures to ensure that there will be no contrasting effects. Also, be sure to thoroughly review the ingredients, dosing, and reviews of the CBD oil you will purchase for them.

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