Can cbd actually help with cats who have arthritis?

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Introduction to how CBD can help with arthritis on cats

CBD-based products are known to work best when it comes to dealing with anxiety or other ailments on the nervous system. It can work great not only on humans, but it is effective on animals like cats as well. This is especially true if you use the fast-acting CBD products such as the CBD oil. 

That being said, what if it is an illness that appears at other parts of the body like arthritis? After all, arthritis is one of the most common illnesses that can suddenly appear on a cat. So can CBD help with cats that suffer from arthritis?

That is the main topic of this article. From the cause of arthritis on cats to what CBD can do to help cats that are suffering through arthritis. You’ll find everything that you need to know about them here. Hopefully you’ll have a better idea on how to better help your cats who got arthritis by the end of this article.

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is a condition where an uncontrollable inflammation happens on the joints. Inflammation itself is not inherently a bad thing. On the contrary, inflammation is actually the automatic response from the immune system in order to deal with injury.

But there are times when the inflammation becomes uncontrollable that it can cause swelling and terrible pain. We will delve deeper into the cause of the arthritis in the next section. But one thing you need to know is the fact that there’s no solution that can totally cure arthritis. This is true despite the fact that arthritis is one of the most common ailments on the planet. 

The reason is because there are so many variations on a disease that can cause uncontrollable inflammation on the joints. Arthritis is just an umbrella term that is used to cover them all. But that doesn’t mean arthritis is something akin to a death sentence. There are still some things that we can do about it. We’ll talk more about it in the subsequent sections. 

What is the cause of arthritis?

As mentioned in the previous section, there are so many things that can cause arthritis. There are even cases where the doctor can’t really pinpoint the source of the problems. That being said, there are several things that are responsible for the majority of arthritis both on humans and cats.

The first and most obvious one is due to the wear and tear on the cartilage. Cartilage is basically the cushions that exist between the joints. It prevents the bones from making direct contact to one another. But there are certain cases where the cartilage is gone and the bones start to scratch each other. This causes inflammation and pain on the affected area. 

There’s also arthritis due to the immune system that has gone haywire and starts to attack the joints. Therefore triggering the uncontrollable inflammation. Arthritis can also be caused by bacterial, virus, or fungal attack on the joints. And the most common one is arthritis that is caused by aging. As we get older, the chances of arthritis to happen is also exponentially higher. 

What are the symptoms of arthritis and what can you do about it?

Before we talk about what you can do if your cats got arthritis, let’s talk about the common symptoms first. Arthritis in cats is usually marked by inability to jump to higher places, inactivity, slower overall movements, and also stiff joints. If it has progressed even further, then it is highly likely that your cats will lose all mobility. 

So what can you do about it? Well, first and foremost you should take them to your trusted vets. You need to know what kind of arthritis your cats have. After that, there are usually two options that your vet will give you. First is prescribed medications to slow down the progress of the arthritis and to reduce the pain. The second thing is for your cats to undergo physical therapy. 

Physical therapy usually requires the help of an expert and can be quite expensive. But if you can afford it, it is highly advisable for you to do so. As for the prescribed medicines, it can certainly help, but expect some sort of side effects from them. You can choose to go the organic route by using something safer and healthier like CBD for your cats arthritis . But make sure to talk to your vet first to avoid any potential conflict with the medicines. 

What is CBD and is it safe to use on your cats?

Cannabidiol, or also known as CBD, is a compound that is extracted out of the cannabis plant. It is part of the cannabinoids family, along with the psychoactive THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). But unlike THC, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that can influence the nervous system when consumed. 

Scientists found decades ago that CBD is actually able to provide numerous health benefits for both the mind and the body. That is why they develop a method to extract the CBD out of its source material. On a related note, most mass-produced CBD extracts available today were made out of hemp. The reason is simply because hemp contains more CBD than THC, so it is considered to be a much safer option.  There are many options to choose from to get your cat to take advantage of the benefits of cbd. These include cbd cat treats, oral oils, and even cbd infused cat foods.

And while on the topic of safety, researchers also have found that CBD is perfectly safe to consume. That fact is true for both humans and animals. You can even give as much as CBD extracts as you want to your cats and there will be no risk of overdose. That being said, following the proper dosing is always advisable for more effective results. 

How can CBD help with arthritis on your cats?

As we’ve talked about earlier in this article, CBD is known due to its effect on the nervous system. But there is another effect from CBD that makes it perfect to deal with arthritis. And that is its inherent anti-inflammatory property. CBD can neutralize uncontrolled inflammation that can wreak havoc in various parts of the body. 

When your cat suffers from arthritis, there will be swelling and pain in the affected area. Giving them CBD can significantly reduce the swelling and the pain at the same time. We’ve also talked about the fact that for now, there’s nothing that can totally cure arthritis once it attacks your cats. 

Therefore, what CBD can do is simply halting the advancement of arthritis and reducing the intensity of the pain. While that may not be able to free them from their illness, it can make their life much more comfortable. 

What is the best CBD to deal with arthritis in cats?

A simple search online will reveal to you just how many options that you have when it comes to CBD products. There’s CBD oil, CBD treats, CBD salves, and many others. But when it comes to dealing with arthritis in cats, what you need is something that can work gradually. Because the effects need to last for a longer period of time. Not only that, you also need to give it to your cats regularly.

With that in mind, broad-spectrum CBD oil or CBD treats can be good options. You can add CBD salves to treat the arthritis externally if you want. You can also use the more potent full-spectrum CBD if you think the pain is too great for your cat. But be sure to use the proper dosage when you give it to your cats. Always consult with your vet if you’re not sure what you should do. 

Scientific studies on CBD effects on arthritis 

There have been numerous studies conducted in regards to the effects of CBD to arthritis. These are two of the most well-known ones. The first one was published in 2019 by Torsten et al. from Germany. The title was Joints for joints: Cannabinoids in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis“. 

This particular study focuses on the effects of CBD on Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). It found that CBD is not only able to control the inflammation, but it can also reduce the pain significantly. CBD managed to do that by activating the target’s central and peripheral CB1 and CB2 receptors.

The second study was titled Cannabidiol (CBD): A killer for inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts“. It was conducted by Lowin et al. and published in 2020. The study found the anti-arthritic activity within CBD that makes it effective against the disease.  We really suggest you read these studies if your cat is suffering from arthritis. CBD has come out to be very beneficial for so many things. It is almost to the point where many people say it is a cure all, and that is not true. Here at use our hands on experience, the response we get from others, as well as medical backed studies to form our opinions.

Not only that, they also found that CBD can ameliorate arthritis by targeting synovial fibroblasts during the inflammatory condition. It means CBD has the ability to halt the progression of arthritis while reducing the effects at the same time.

Conclusion to using CBD for cats suffering from arthritis

Arthritis is something that can come unannounced to your cats. And unfortunately, for now, there’s no way to totally cure your cats from it. There are lots of things that can cause arthritis in cats, but the most common one is due to aging and cartilage erosion. If you notice any of the symptoms on your cats, you need to take them to your trusted vets as soon as possible. For a safer and healthier treatment, CBD-based products are a great option.

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