Benefits of cbd for cats

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Introduction to the benefits of cbd for cats

You might have heard a lot of good things about CBD from your family and friends. It is said to be effective in treating different kinds of ailments that your cat might suffer from. But before you decide to buy one for your beloved cats, it’s always a good idea to learn more about it first.

And that’s how you stumble upon this article. Here you’ll find information regarding what sorts of benefits that you can expect from CBD, different types of CBD, and also various CBD products that you can safely give to your cat. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of most things related to CBD.

Benefits of CBD for cats

To treat epilepsy. One of the illnesses that has been thoroughly researched in relation to the use of CBD as the potential treatment is epilepsy. CBD has been the recommended way to not only treat epilepsy, but other types of seizures as well.

As anti-anxiety. CBD works by temporarily influencing the brain through its connection to the endocannabinoid system. One of its immediate effects is the feeling of calm and relaxation. And that is why CBD works great as an anti-anxiety solution.

As a painkiller. As mentioned earlier, CBD works by connecting directly to the nervous system. In doing so, it could also temporarily affect the part of the brain that regulates the pain. This makes CBD a highly effective and potent painkiller.

To treat arthritis. The influence of CBD is not only limited to the nervous system, it could also affect other parts of the body as well. Due to its anti-inflammatory property, CBD could help treat muscle, joints, and skin problems such as arthritis, rashes, pulled muscle, etc.

To increase appetite. The next part of the body that CBD could influence other than the nervous system is the digestive system. CBD can stimulate the sense of hunger and therefore increase the appetite of your cats.

For a glowing fur. This effect is more like an additional benefit rather than a deliberate effect. Whenever you give CBD to your cats in order to treat any kinds of ailments, the fur of your cats would gradually become smoother, thicker, and look more glowing.

Different types of CBD for cats

1. Full spectrum CBD. The first type of CBD is called full spectrum CBD because it closely mimics the natural state of the hemp. This means there will not only CBD inside, but also THC and other types of cannabinoids as well.

2. Broad spectrum CBD. The second type is called broad spectrum CBD. Unlike the previous one, it doesn’t contain any THC within it. It only contains the CBD and the rest of minor cannabinoids.

3. Isolates CBD. The last one is called Isolates CBD because it is by far the purest CBD of the bunch. The reason is simply because this type only has the CBD inside without any of the other cannabinoids.

Different CBD products for cats

1. CBD oil. CBD oil is by far the most popular product based on CBD. It is also the original form of the CBD when you extract it from the hemp for the first time. To use it, you use the dropper to drop the CBD oil into the mouth of your cats based on the appropriate dosage.

2. CBD foods. CBD food looks and tastes just like any regular cat food. Some cats might prefer this kind of CBD because of its appearance and flavors. Because just like real cat food, you can find CBD foods with all sorts of shapes and flavors nowadays.

3. CBD treats. Other than the foods, there are also other kinds of edibles that you can give to your cats, namely CBD treats. Similar to the CBD foods, you could also find CBD treats with lots of different shapes and tastes.

4. CBD cream. CBD cream is different from all the other types of CBD before it because it focuses more on external wounds. CBD cream is a great option to use when you want to help treat sprained ankle, pulled muscle, rashes, or any other kinds of muscle, joints, and skin problems.

5. CBD spray. And the most versatile of them all is the CBD spray. CBD spray is actually CBD oil with a spray nozzle on top. You can spray it into the mouth of your cats, like CBD oil, or you can also spray it onto any external wound, just like a CBD cream.


From helping with your cat’s anxiety to treating sprained ankles, CBD has numerous health benefits for your cats. But before you use it, make sure you pay attention to the type of CBD that you want to use, and also the kind of CBD products that suit your cats. Be sure to talk to your trusted Vets first before you give CBD products to your cats.

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