Apawthecary Cat Oral Drops Seafood Review

bottle of apawthecary seafood oral drops
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Introduction to Apawthecary Seafood drops

When it comes to cats, it is hard to know that they are suffering from something until it becomes too unbearable for them. Because of this, some diseases reach a very bad point that requires an opinion from a veterinarian before being treated which can be a big headache. This is mostly seen with neurodegenerative disorders which are slow to take effect but very painful for cats. If you are looking for a review, or even for the product itself, find out everything you need to know in our full review of Apawthecary Seafood oral drops.

What is CBM?

CBM stands for cannabis-based medicine. The cannabis used for pets comes from the hemp plant which is safe for them. Those made for them contain less than 0.3% of THC which means that it is not psychoactive (it will not make them high). This is the industrial hemp that is both found in the wild and harvested in farms.

Your cat benefits from it as it boosts the functions of their endocannabinoid system. This is an anatomical structure that is also found in humans, dogs, and other animals. Its receptors will interact with the body to boost health. It can greatly help for improving the health of their nerves.

The best part about using CBM is that there are almost no side effects when taken in moderation. Because of this, you can try it first for your cat to see if it is effective and simply stop when it is not.

Apawthecary CBM Cat Oral Drops Seafood Flavor

Ahttps://cbddogtreats.ca/what-happened-to-apawthecary-pets/pawthecary is a Canadian company that is an innovator in the use of cannabis in pet products. They offer different forms of it such as oral drops, treats, and skin salves. What sets them apart is the immense research that they allot for their ingredients. Through this, they always optimize it to meet the exact needs of your cat.


The packaging of CBM pet products is important not just for aesthetic purposes, but also for teaching users about how to use it. Its ingredients should also be honestly displayed. Apawthecary did not disappoint in this area as we saw in the abundant instructions written in the oral drop’s box.

It comes with a medical-grade dropper that is easy to use. The packaging has instructions provided for how much you should give to your cat depending on their weight.

We recommend users to introduce the product slowly for them. Start with the smallest dose which you will then slowly increase the next day. Through this, you can determine how much your cat needs before you start seeing effects.

Ingredients and Seafood flavoring

Apawthecary uses human grade ingredients for the drops which we can definitely see. First, it has a natural smelling aroma that is reminiscent of canned seafood made for humans. Because of this, cats can easily consume it every day as they will find it delicious. It also had good consistency that made it easy to take using the dropper. We found that Seafood was a great flavor, while not our first choice if your pet likes it then that is all that matters.

They also ensure users that the hemp they use is fully organic and does not use pesticides. Its THC or tetrahydrocannabinol content is also lower than 0.3% which allows it to be safe for cat’s consumption. It is important for this chemical to be removed as it is psychoactive and can be toxic for pets at high levels.

The oral drop uses MCT oil which is derived from coconut oil. This form allows it to be easily digestible for cats. It also travels their bloodstream fast. This is important as oils are usually hard to digest, even for humans. Through this form, cats are less likely to suffer from stomach irritations or even vomiting if they accidentally eat too much of it.

Benefits of the CBM oil

Upon using it for our cat, we noticed its effects start after about three days of use. Our cat is naturally lazy and is only active for about four hours a day, causing it to gain weight. Upon using the oil regularly, we found it to be more playful and even friendlier.

Apawthecary says that this effect can be attributed to the CBM oil’s ability to relieve them from any chronic pain that they feel and also lessen their anxiety. Because of this, your cat feels freer to move around. After all, sleeping is a way for them to heal instantly and to remove any pain that they feel. Because of this, it is recommended to be used by older cats who are suffering from arthritis and chronic pains. It may even improve their cognitive function, making them capable of playing with you more.

The other benefits of the oil drops include improving the condition of their skin, reducing seizures, and reducing allergies.

Contacting Apawthecary

If you are reading this review and are really excited about trying out the product, I have some bad news for you. You might be wondering what happened to Apawthecary pets , as you can’t find them. The truth is that they have closed down a little over a year ago. It came as a surprise to many. If you are like me and love their products it quickly put you into a scramble to get as many of the bottles as you can find from stores that still had it. But don’t worry, as we have found products that we love just as much! So if you were buying their product before, make sure to read our reviews to find out who we suggest trying out now!

Final thoughts on Apawthecary oral drops

Apawthecary was one of the best brands for CBM related pet products. We were very pleased with the cat oral drops. First, it had very good packaging that told us its ingredients, how it is administered properly, and links for contacting them. The good quality of their ingredients can be seen with the natural smell of the product. It is human-grade and comes with lab certifications.

Its benefits to cats can be seen within days of using it properly. This includes relieving them of chronic pain, allergies, inflammations, and more.

As mentioned before, if you are looking for Apawthecary pets oils then we sincerely wish you good luck. This stuff is like a Babe Ruth rookie car, as it is probably as rare and more valuable. However, as we require high quality oils to keep our pets safe and healthy we can whole heartedly suggest FurBabies oil instead of Apawthecary. They are just as good, and even happier to help with any questions or issues.

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