A couple of the benefits cats can get from CBD products

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Introduction to CBD benefits for cats

There’s a lot of hype behind CBD and the health benefits that could be gained by using it. CBD was only formally legalized by the US Federal government in early 2021. And yet, all of the hype around CBD has managed to create unbelievable levels of market demand for it.

For the most part, you can divide the market of CBD into two large categories. The first one is for people who use it for themselves in order to help them with any sorts of health problems. The second category is for pet owners. Because not only to humans, CBD could also offer lots of benefits for animals, particularly pets.

The most common animals that have dedicated CBD products are cats, dogs, and even horses. While all of those interests are great for helping people and refining the products at the same time, as a cat owner, what kind of benefits can you actually expect from CBD?

What is CBD and how does it work?

When consumed, cannabis could bring forth unique effects to the brain. The ones that are responsible for those effects are compounds called cannabinoids. Some cannabinoids are psychoactive by nature. But Cannabidiol (CBD) is the type of cannabinoids that could trigger a strong effect without any of the psychoactive effects.

Over the years, scientists have finally found some of the most reliable methods to extract the CBD out of cannabis. But since cannabis has a relatively balanced amount of psychoactive and non psychoactive compounds, they prefer to use its subclass plant called hemp. Because hemp has more CBD inside it with only a small amount of psychoactive compounds.

The way CBD works is pretty much the same way as how cannabis works, which is by binding itself to the complex neural network called endocannabinoid system. This system exists in both humans and animals and they are responsible for a lot of the brain and bodily functions. Because of this, CBD could temporarily influence certain functions of the brain and body.

What are the benefits of CBD for cats?

For anxiety. CBD has naturally calming effects to the brain, made possible because of the aforementioned connection to the endocannabinoid system. If your cat is experiencing anxiety, no matter what the cause may be, CBD could easily help calm them down.

For seizures. Another illness related to your cat’s nervous system that CBD could help is seizures. From epilepsy to any other kinds of seizures, CBD can help treat them all. While it may not instantly cure your cats from seizures, a regular use of CBD can tremendously help with the treatment.

For reducing pain . Still in the nervous system, another area that CBD could affect is pain management. If your cats are currently experiencing severe pain due to chronic illness or any physical wounds, CBD could significantly reduce the pain. Generally speaking chronic pain is something that can be reduced more than an accidental/acute pain. This is why we see great responses when using cbd for cats arthritis.

For increasing appetite. Another part of the body that CBD could influence is the digestive system. If you regularly give CBD to your cats, their overall appetite will increase. This unique ability will help improve their overall health.

For better fur. The other benefit that your cats can get if you regularly give CBD to them is better quality fur. Not long after you frequently give CBD to your cats, you’ll notice an unmistakable change in their fur. It will be thicker, stronger, and also smoother than before.

The best type of CBD for cats

There are three different types of CBD that are freely sold in the market. The health benefits that you can get from any one of them will be the same. The difference will be in its potency. Full spectrum CBD is the one with the highest potency. Also, with full spectrum there is a better chance of addressing issues as it is a wider net to throw , so to speak. With full spectrum you get as wide of coverage because you are getting the majority of the medicinal aspects.

After that comes the broad spectrum CBD. And finally, the one with the lowest potency is the isolate CBD. The most potent CBD also carries a risk to your cats, so unless your cat absolutely needs it, you shouldn’t give it to them. Therefore, the best and most balanced option is the Broad Spectrum CBD.

One thing to add, and for clarity is that it isn’t about good , better and best as far as types go. The best type is the one that works for you. In my experience, Isolates have never addressed the issues that I have had with my pet. If Isolate does work for you, that is perfect.

A way to think of it is like medicine. Before we had medicine it was discovered that willow bark can help to reduce fevers. This is Aspirin was formulated from. But just like with the bark, full spectrum might have other benefits. So if all you need is Aspirin, the take one. However, there might be medicinal aspects that are in the bark that might help. This is like full spectrum ( bark ) vs. isolate ( Aspirin ) So depending on your need and response to the product you will have to find out what is best for you and your pets situation.


CBD is one of the cannabinoids inside the plant hemp that could stimulate certain effects to your cats’ brain and body. It does so by binding itself to the endocannabinoids system. And there are numerous benefits that you can expect from giving CBD to your cats.

From helping with the treatment of seizures, to calming their anxiety, and even making their fur appear more glowing, CBD clearly has far-reaching positive effects on your cats. For regular use, the best option is a Broad spectrum CBD, but you can certainly use one with a higher potency if your cat needs it. Be sure to talk to your trusted vet before you give CBD to your cat.

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